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Early Concept Swords

For a sword design to be officially listed in the works in progress section, it needs to have been:

a) Approved for production and

b) Either have an extensive background story and/or the manufacturer who will make it come to life selected and confirmed.

The Kinebranch, for example, is both approved for production and has an extensive background story – we just haven’t quite yet figured out who will produce it. But the following swords need those additional steps to make them quality for works in progress, so instead are listed here as early concept swords.

Early Concept Swords by Jason Woodard

Jason Woodard has done a lot of sword testing for SBG over the years, and is no stranger to sword designing, having designed the sword seen in the movie ‘sleepy hollow’ and a few other designs produced in association with Darskword Armory. To this end, he has submitted two sword designs for the project – one with an ‘Egyptian’ theme that would work well as a magical blade associated with the Land of the Dead, and the other a Northman Chieftans sword.

Above is the design of the Land of the Dead Sword – quite possibly a sword of the Qahoori Nomads or the Lich King himself.

And above, a Northman chieftans sword with Runic inscriptions on the blade and a pommel made to represent part of the national flag of the Northmen when united under one King.

We haven’t yet fully discussed the backstory of these swords, nor who will manufacture them, so once we get past this stage, we will be listed them as works in progress and documenting their making as we do with every other sword in the line up.

More designs coming soon..

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