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Fable Blades

Fable Blades started off in 2006 when Brendan Olszowy started making his own swords on the SBG Sword Forum, and though his early swords were what you might expect for someone just starting out, through sheer hard work and an eye for detail, he soon came to the attention of the rest of the sword community there and after being asked to do some commissions – he took the leap and started making swords full time.

It was during this period that his creativity exploded as he worked to bring to life the custom designs and dream swords of his customers as well as designs of his own that he has and continues to offer. Most of his swords sell for around $2500-$5000 as a ballpark, before adding scabbard work which usually runs at another $1000 to $2500 depending on complexity and what materials are used to construct it.

Most of his swords are fantasy pieces based on historical sword making principles, and made from well tempered 9260 Spring Steel for its toughness and durability. Below are a couple of examples of a complete package custom fantasy sword designs that he has made previously.

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