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Forge Direct – Master Michael Jie

An offshoot of Project X by Sword Buyers Guide Limited, our range of Forge Direct Swords are designed and created by rank one and rank two level Chinese Master Smiths (third level is the highest and is reserved for living national treasures who make swords that sell for tens of thousands of dollars). All of these swords are made in the capital of sword making in China, the small but famous village of Longquan (Dragon Well) deep in the mountains of Zhejiang province (yes, that sounds like a cliche, but it’s true.. I have been there and it really IS a sword making city deep in the middle of nowhere!).

In this case, we have collaborated with Rank One Master Michael Jie, who has designed and produced some very affordable Wuxia (Sword Hero) and Western style swords for our project.

While the swords are works of fiction and designed by Michael, they are all made using time honored forging techniques and are far from purely decorative pieces. Currently, Forge Direct makes the Lhasian Energy Swords series, and the Sky Templar Sword & Gladius, though more designs are coming very soon.

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