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Giant Riding Lizard

Giant Riding Lizards are native to the plains and scrub-lands immediately South of the Demonsteeth Mountains, and have been partially domesticated by the ancient Lizard People many thousands of years ago, and the two distantly related species have lived in constant symbiosis since.

For the most part, they appear much a regular lizard, though increased in size until to truly gargantuan proportions, but there are several major sub-species with different coloration’s, body structure, maximum size and even some that are surprisingly intelligent with some apparent humanoid features.. Regardless of variation, these cold blooded reptiles are stubborn, aggressive, have a voracious appetite and hard to train. But despite this, once finally broken in, they make excellent mounts for the Lizard People and allow them to traverse great distances at a slow and steady or fast and aggressive pace as the needs of their immediate situation dictate.

Immensely strong, Giant Riding Lizards main weapon is their massive, teeth filled mouths and their strong, leathery scaled skin that turns aside all but the most determined blows.

The only disadvantage is that these creatures take such a long time to breed, and almost as long to train and grow, making losing the mounts something that the Lizard people will avoid at all costs – and become enraged if one of their mounts are killed.

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