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Golgoloth are exceedingly rare titanic sized humanoid monsters summoned to Eletreus from another dimension by only the most powerful magics. To date, only three Golgoloth have ever successfully been summoned – two by the first DeathKnight, and the last one accidentally by the archmages of Notarikon, which broke free of their control and proceeded to slaughter the inhabitants of Notarikon.

Strong almost beyond human comprehension and immune to all but the most powerful weapons and magic, by nature Golgoloth are violent, malicious beings who delight in the destruction and havok their leave in their wake. Each one is unique, with its own special powers and abilities. Some can breathe fire or ice, create storms or earthquakes powerful enough to level a fortress while others – such as the Golgoloth that destroyed Notarikon, can even create and/or summon their own powerful minions.

While only the first DeathKnight was able to master controlling these willful monstrosities, it is believed, but not proven – that killing the summoner will banish the creatures back to the plane where they came from as was the case with the second Golgoloth, which was the largest and most powerful ever summoned and was only stopped because the Paragon was able to slay the DeathKnight during the last days of the Cataclysmic Wars.

While their powers vary, they are essentially god like in their power and influence – and it is very fortunate thing that the ritual to summon them from their dark and ruined world is almost impossibly difficult, for each of the three summoned Golgoloth were only barely stopped from an uncontrolled rampage across the world that would not end until every living thing was dead.

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