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Greater Nature Spirit

The Fay, so it is said, are simply variations of the same thing – a kind of spirit folk born from the deepest wilds come to life and self awareness over the aeons. Some are more akin to humans than supernatural beings, such as the Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes. But at the other end of the spectrum are the Greater Nature Spirits, ancient beings who act as caretakers and guardians of the lands within their domain – and whose form, and power – is anything but predictable.

At the lower end of the spectrum, some take the form of tiny faeries or glowing balls of energy. Some show no interest in humanity, others are curious or even playful, and a few sour and seeking to mislead them such as the will o wisp. While these nature spirits are typically quite harmless, and largely immaterial so cannot be in turn harmed either, if attacked more powerful beings may well come to their assistance and it is unwise to take a hostile action against them, even if they are – as is sometimes the case – exceptionally annoying..

But the less common form of Nature Spirit is the most powerful. Said by some to be the children of the Faerie Queen herself (and some most certainly are her offspring) these ancient beings arise in sacred groves, rivers, mountains and other natural places along a network of lay lines all throughout Eletreus and are all quite unique in outlook, character and motivations.

Some stay hidden those who venture into their domain and will only reveal themselves to defend their sacred land. Others are actively hostile – and within their domains they are incredibly powerful, animating trees or rocks, summoning packs of wolves or the local apex predator, possessing their victims and taking control of their bodies, and otherwise warping reality to their will – though all of their powers end and can go no further than the very edge of the land that they mark as their domain.

If approached with respect, some spirits will offer assistance or provide hidden knowledge in return for a modest tribute. Druids, Rangers, Elves and the Tuath tend to be given a fair audience, and anyone whose motives are murky are usually mislead and toyed with – while those who are open, honest and fair are treated as such in return.

While the vast majority of Greater Nature Spirits are essentially good, they are in sync with the cycles of Danu and at night can be unpredictable – sometimes able to wander outside of their domain, but when in such a state are somewhat stretched thin and overly defensive, and a previously helpful and friendly spirit may become openly hostile after dark.

A handful of Greater Nature Spirits, however, are twisted and toxic – whether it is from arising in a swamp, haunted woods or a place of ill repute. These spirits are particularly dangerous, for they can leave their domains for short periods of time while still retaining most of their power – and can enter the dreams of their victims and will attempt to drive them to ruin or to the grave. The most famous example of such a spirit is the evil half sister of the Faerie Queen, the Banshee of Blackwood Forest in Tuath De.

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