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The Griffin is a winged horse like creature with the body, tail and back legs of a lion, and the front claws, head and wings of a giant eagle that is found in many wild places of Eletreus.

Largely carnivorous, they are at home both in the skies and on the land, and have excellent eyesight – usually swooping down from the air onto an unsuspecting foe and snatching them with their razor sharp talons, delivering savage bites with their beaks and usually taking them to a high, inaccessible place to devour them.

In the wilds, Griffons bond with one mate for their entire lives – and if the mate dies, they will become solitary hunters.The females lay eggs, which they usually guard in a nest high in mountainous areas, but they typically range from 200 to 400 miles from their nests.

As intelligent as a trained warhorse, Griffons born in captivity can be, and are, trained as mounts by the Knights of the Aelutian Empire, and are a symbol of the Empires majesty and power. As with their mates, a Griffin will bond with its rider for life, and will risk their lives to protect their rider – but this bonding is something that must start from the moment the Griffon hatches, and takes between 6-8 years before the mount reaches maturity. As such, these mounts are highly valued and as they cannot easily be replaced in a war, are usually held in reserve and used for scouting, chasing down routed enemies, etc.

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