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History of Elatreus – Timeline

1st age, 10.000 Before the Imperial Age (Before Empire)

First Aeon (0-999 years)

9,999 BE – The sun god – the all father – and the moon goddess – Danu – merge as one and give birth to the world of Eletreus and begin to nurture their creation, creating the rivers, the trees, basic animal life and finally, Dragon kind.

SECOND AEON (1,000-1,999 YEARS)


Third Aeon (2,000-2,999 YEARS)

7,876 BE – The first high elves arrive in Eletreus from ‘far across the seas’ at the start of the third Aeon and settle primarily in what is today known as the Elven Homelands.

7,266 BE – The Qahoori Nomads arrive ‘from the stars’ and establish a small base deep in what is today known as the Lands of the Dead.

FORTH AEON (3,000-3,999 YEARS)

6,607 BE – The Faerie queen, daughter of the moon goddess, is born during an eclipse close to the mid point of the Fifth Aeon. She establishes her Kingdom in Tuath De creating the Fay from locks of her own silver hair, and transforming a horse into the first Centaur and taking him as her consort, the first High King.

FIFTH AEON (4,000-4,999 YEARS)

5,999 BE – The Trickster God unleashes his forbidden creation in the last year of the Sixth Aeon, the one made in the image of the gods themselves – humanity. These first humans settle in and around the area that is today known as Silverleaf and the elves, taking pity on these wretched but sentient creatures, take it upon themselves to try and teach them what they have learned of Eletreus in the last 2,000 years.

Sixth Aeon (5,000-5,999 YEARS)


2nd age, 5,000 years Before the Imperial Age (Before Empire)

4,798 BE – Humans rapidly increase in number and begin to establish new settlements along the coast. The settlements split into 4 distinct tribes after the first murder occurs by a member of the family line that will later found the Kingdom of Thane ..  The early Thanes go South, the original inhabitants found Silverleaf, one more gets lost in the badlands and almost disappears, and the last one encounters the aloof Qahoori nomads and settles at Ankarath.

4,788 BE – An ancient and wise Celestial Dragon, Tianlong the Gentle – discovers a pocket of the last survivors (100 people) from the tribe that took too many wrong turns in the badlands and takes them back to his territory, founding what is today known as Lhasa. 30 others who were not discovered from this tribe survive by developing a strange symbiotic relationship with the Giant Spiders near the Demonsteeth mountains and become the Sakkala.

4,200 BE – Ankarath has developed into a thriving civilization, and begins to expand further East, discovering and expanding into the lands that are today known as Escia, and even as far field as Western Pomedica. While exploring the coast, they are surprised to find an equally thriving civilization (Lhasa) nurtured and guided by the benevolent Dragon God King – Tianlong the Gentle – to the far east.

The Great Wyrm of Lhasa, Yangshao the Gentle

Seventh Aeon (6,000-6,999 YEARS)


3,984 BE – Silverleaf attempts to map out the entire coastline and discovers Tuath De. They are warmly welcomed by the Faerie Queen, and many settlers follow in their wake.

3,747 BE – The Dragon, who has been increasingly taking on human form over the centuries, marries a Princess from what is today known as Escia to jubilant celebrations.


Kingdom of Thane sides with the Fallen and attacks the original settlements. Elven lands shift to a different dimension and are invisible during the war. Dragon of Lhasa manages to stave off the worst of the wars, but the toll forces him into an endless slumber. Ankarath is ruined. The world is rocked to its foundations and the race of man barely survives..



4th Age, 3,200 years before the Imperial Age (Before Empire)

Humanity tries to rebuild, but the lands and the beasts are all changed by energies released during the War

in Heaven. Abominations and half demons and half angels continue the war of Heaven on Eletreus.

3,174 BE – Druidic Priests found the first Temple of the All Father in an obscure coastal town that will later be known as Paragonia, and begin writing the Elder Tomes.

3,004 BE – The Scribes Complete the Elder Tomes and the Church of the All Father sends missionaries throughout all Elatreus to spread the good word and drive the foul and evil things left over from the war back into the darkest recesses of the world.

Eighth Aeon (7,000-7,999 Years)


Ninth Aeon (8,000-8,999 Years)

1,865 BE – Rebel Thanes found a new breakaway capital East of the shores of the great lake and begin expanding rapidly to the East, founding the (now extinct) Kingdom of Parthania.

1,820 – Parthanians begin warring against the ancient Sakkala who dominate the Northern regions around the Demonsteeth mountains.

1,731 BE – Rebuilding of Ankarath is completed. Humanity has fragmented into 13 main tribal/ethnic groups across Eletreus, consolidating into proto-nations and united Kingdoms.

1,601 BE – The Cagbicians attack their peaceful neighbors, Tuath De, to the North. They defend successfully at first, but the Cagbicians are armed with the first Coronatite alloy swords that later become the blueprint for the Aelutian Gladius and lose much of their southern territories.

1,573 BE – The Greater Kingdom of Aelutia is founded and war breaks out between their Western neighbors, the aggressive and expansionist Cagbicians.

1,322 BE – Cagbicio is attacked on two fronts and finally defeated. Their territory is annexed by Aeultia and eventually absorbed to become a single Kingdom. Tuath De swears friendship and fealty to the victorious rising new Kingdom.

Tenth Aeon (9,000-9,999 years)

750 BE – Notarikon is founded.


654 BE – Escia declares itself an independent Kingdom and is attacked by Khartoum. The first Castir is forged in Escia to fight back.

543 BE – After nearly 3 generations of war, a peace treaty is signed by Khartoum and Escia and Khartoum recognizes it as an independent state. Strong trade ties are established.

539 BE – Escia declares war on Parthania over what they consider to be border intrusions.

507 BE – The Parthanians are soundly defeated and conquered by Escia, who lays claim to their Southern territories. The survivors and refugees are absorbed into Pomedica and Aelutia.

500 BE – The Sentinels are created by the magi of Notarikon.

465 BE – The Northmen, who had been fighting among themselves the whole time, finally unite under a new and powerful High King, Odin (later deified) and begin to push southwards along the peninsula and attack the Sakkala. The Sakkala respond and choke them north of the Lonely Plains.

444 BE – Pomedican settlements reach as far North as the border of Noktorikon. A trade dispute with Aelutia ends with Pomedica blockading the trade route to Noktorikon. A brief war breaks out, but is pulled back and strained relations are resumed.

441 BE – Upset over yet another trade dispute, Pomedica imposes usurious tolls on the newly created road to Noktarikon. Negations fail and full scale war breaks out.

437 BE – Pomedica is suddenly attacked from the West by the expanding Escians and is now fighting a war on two fronts.

435 BE – Pomedica surrenders to Aelutia, ceding their Northern territories and becomes a vassal state in exchange for assistance against the rampaging Escian invasion. Aelutia declares war on Esacia in turn – THE FIRST ESCIAN WAR.

422 BE – The first Royal Pomedican Navy fleet is created and gets their revenge, destroying the Escians at sea and begins raiding their coastline.

402 BE – After 20 years of war a truce is finally called between Escia and the Aelutian Alliance. The Escians rebuild, smouldering and angry. The Aelutian Alliance prepares its defenses.

378 BE – Border skirmishes break out into open warfare – THE SECOND ESCIAN WAR. The strategically important fortifications at Windkeep Fortress changes hands 5 times during the conflict.

366 BE – Khartoum launches a surprise attack against Escia. Escia and Aelutia declare a truce.

343 BE – Escia briefly conquers the capital of Khartoum and begins the Ankarath genocide. The capital of the Kingdom of Thane is overrun by Orcs. Khartoum petitions Aeultia for assistance. THE THIRD ESCIAN WAR.

297 BE – A rebellion breaks out in Khartoum and the Escians are forced to retreat to their capital. Weakened and isolated, Escia cedes some of the Northern territories and establishes a new trade route with Lhasa that persists to this day.

266 BE – The 12 Kingdoms of Thane are forcefully united under the heel of the so called First Black King of Thane who rules from the ancient city of Acraeddegon, and expand their territory to the North, absorbing or putting the sword the 12 Kingdoms that had split from its original territories.

The 12 Kingdoms of Ancient Thane

Silverwaters coastal trade routes are plundered and the Thanish army marches South, actively hunting down and decimating the lands of the very last of the original 9 Qahoori nomads and establishing fortifications along the Southern Coastline.

252 BE – Khartoum is attacked by the Thanes. Thanes are utterly defeated at the battle of Ankarath. Khartoum expands its borders to fortify against any further assaults,  claiming the empty Qahoori lands and establishes a new city at Karamentonen.

249 BE – A small force of Thanes crosses the new border of Greater Khartoum, and they in turn send their entire army north and sack the Thanish capital, which upon their departure, is overrun by wild Orcs.

222 BE – The Thanes reclaim their capital and begin a genocidal war against the Orcs and re-establish the 12 Kingdoms.

199 BE – The Sakkala, unable to replace lost spider mounts as fast as the Northmen can breed their berserker warriors, begin to lose territory and the Northmen enter the mainland, raiding and destroying tiny Kingdoms along what is today the Eastern side of the Great Western Road. New beast riding tribes begin to enter the Demonsteeth mountains from the Badlands and the Sakkala begin to retreat to their mountain homes.

154 BE – The 12 Kingdoms of Thane are again declared to be under the rule of a second Black King of Thane – a gargantuan giant who established a new throne. His rule is long and harsh and results in continual rebellions throughout the former Kingdoms who resent his rule.

The Second Thanish Black King

126 BE – Northmen raiders reach Notarikon and foolishly launch an attack. There are no survivors. The Northmen enter the mainland instead via the lonely plains..

113 BE – Northmen reach the borders of the Proto-Aelutian Empire and push through to attack Pomedica. The Aelutian army reacts quickly to come to their defense and break the seige. THE FIRST WAR OF THE NORTHMEN BEGINS.

56 BE – The Lich King is born in Khartoum. Windkeep Fortress is completed in Aelutia, but was built too far north..

55 BE – Windkeep Fortress is razed by the Northmen. Construction begins for a second time, this time in its present and permanent location..

52 BE – Windkeep Fortress (the second) construction is completed.

50 BE – The Paragon, Wilkins, is born (orphan) and raised in Mythbury, Central Aeultia. Zorander Krauss, the future DeathKnight and slayer of Kings, is born in Thane.

47 BE – The Second Black King of Thane finally dies and the vice regent of Acredeggon claims the throne for himself and declares himself the Third Black King of Thane. Civil war breaks out in Thane as the Kingdoms try to assert themselves.

46 BE – The Deathless witch arrives in Noktarion, brought there by the magi from her distant homelands in the Harmonious Isles East of Lhasa.

31BE – 0 I.A. The Catalysmic Wars and Birth of the Aeultian Empire

A 31 year long war, starting with the sudden and meteoric rise of the First DeathKnight Shazn’Oegtol, the Slayer of Kings and the First Paragon and soon to be first Emperor of the Aeultian Empire.

The war costs tens of thousands of lives, leaves the Kingdom of Thane and Greater Khartoum completely shattered, and cements an unbroken alliance between the Aeultian Empire, Silverleaf, Tuath De and Pomedica. It was also the first and last time the Escians fought alongside the so called ‘Holy Alliance’.


Eleventh Aeon (10,000-10,999 years)

IA: the Imperial Age. Sometimes also referenced as I.E. (Imperial Era) to contrast with B.E. (Before Empire)

1 IA – Construction of Temple Nimbus by Notarikon is complete. Too late for the war..

2 IA – Notarikon is destroyed by a magic ritual gone wrong, perhaps corrupted by residual energies unleashed during the DeathKnights presence.The great devouter of world, KURZATCHAL, the Life Ender, appears in its stead, melting the sands around Notarikon into obsidian glass but is sent back to its dimension by the Paragon and the Deathless Witch.

The Paragon, now deeply in love with her, proposes to the Witch, offering her to be the first Empress of Aeultia. She gently refuses, a tear in her eye, still overcome by the destruction of Notarikon and with a heavy heart, she bids him farewell and goes into stasis in Temple Nmbus, which settles as an island in the isolated seas.

4 IA – The Paragon, more out of obligation to continue his family line, marries the Queen of Pomedica to jubilant celebrations, cementing the alliance between the two nations. They go on to have 3 sons and 2 daughters, but in his heart until the end of his days, is the Deathless Witch..

5 IA – The Lich King secretly and quietly re-enters his ruined homeland and begins laying the foundation for what will become the Land of the Dead..

7 IA – The Paragon encodes the Imperial Laws and orders his Proverbs to be carved in the stone of the Holy Temple. The Holy Church of the Paragon is founded.

10 IA – The Capital is renamed Paragonia in the Paragons honor on his 60th birthday. He lives for another 51 years, laying down the solid foundations for the Empire and traveling to all of its major cities.

60 IA – The Paragon, weakened from his injuries with the DeathKnight that never truly healed, steps down as ruler and Coronates his eldest son (age 56) and passes to him the Flame of the Host.

61 IA – The Paragon grows old and becomes bedridden. Knowing the end is near, he gathers his strength and makes his final journey on his griffin under the light of the full moon on a cloudless night to the island Temple Nimbus. spending his last hours watching the Deathless Witch in her slumber and dies peacefully by her side, holding her hand.

Temple Nimbus rises from the oceans and flies over Paragonia, Sentinels solemnly returning the body of their hero to the Empire for a proper burial. On his state funeral, the spirit of the Paragon returns one last time before ascending to the heavens. The Empire mourns for 100 days and 100 nights (now an Imperial tradition on the death of an Emperor).

78 IA – The second Paragon must confront a second rise of the Thane under the son of the DeathKnight, the half demon prince, Nachrael, the Desecrator, with a mixed human and Orcish army. Behind the scenes, this insane, evil creature is guided and controlled by his undead mother, the former wife of the Deathknight and Queen of Thane.

Nachrael the Desecrator, Shazn’Oegtol

80 IA – Nachrael finds the Brand of the Fallen and becomes THE SECOND DEATHKNIGHT. His army marches east and bypasses the Demons Teeth Mountains to confront the 2nd Paragons army at WindKeep Fortress and the imperial forces are crushed, retreating back to fortify Pomedica.

81 IA – Escia join the war unexpectedly, harassing the DeathKnights army and cutting off their supply chain. “The Empire Strikes Back” and TEMPLE NIMBUS ACTIVATED. Nachrael the desecrator is severely damaged by temple nimbus, and finished by the 2nd Paragon, crying for his dark ‘mother’ before the 2nd Paragon puts him out of his misery, and actually feels pity..

82 IA – Escia demands that the lands up to and including Windkeep forge belong to it and that the Empire must cede it or face immediate attack. FOURTH ESCIAN WAR.

83-155 IA Fourth Escian War dies down to a protracted low level skirmish.

155 IA – A dispute breaks out between Escia and merchants from the Land of the Dead who were attacked by bandits on unsecured roads due to the war with the Empire. Border clashes occur with regular forces in the land of the dead, then withdraw (behind the scenes, tens of thousands of undead are ready if they cross. They do not). FOURTH ESCIAN WAR ENDS.


Relatives and supporters of the Matryrd Valkerie Runa form the first settlement at Stormwater.

156 IA – A huge army of Northmen who had been inspired and made stronger by the 3rd Deathknight, overrun the peninsular defenses and push past Windkeep to attack Pomedica. 2ND WAR OF THE NORTHMEN BEGINS.

165 IA – Northmen attack on Pomedica finally ends, but scattered Northmen establish camps deep in the woods west of Littleton.. 2ND WAR OF THE NORTHMEN ENDS

166 IA – Woodsmen from Silverleaf are called in to assist clear the forest of the Northmen, who operate as opportunistic bandits, but they are reinforced by sea. Now with countless longships, they push and attack at every chance they get, on and off over centuries up to and including the present day.. THE UNENDING WAR WITH THE NORTHMEN BEGINS..

174 IA – Second Emperor dies aged 170 years old (see appendix, the Imperial Line). Succeed by his son, who is more of a scholar than a fighter and grants legal equality to women for the first time in Aeultian history.

202 IA – Third Emperor is suddenly set upon while inspecting a new military academy established at Windkeep Fortress. FORTH DEATHKNIGHT (The Assasin) single-handedly slays the the Third Emperor, and hundreds of soldiers – screaming like a Banshee before tearing a path back towards Thane..

The DeathKnight Assassin leaves a devastated Winkeep Fortress

The Flame of the Host chooses the first Empress of Aeultia, Alicia the Shepherd. Together with her older brother (and future 5th Paragon), Rychard the Fearless and with the assistance of Silverleaf, they enter the ruined Kingdom of Thane.

205 IA – Minor battles, and not much more than Orcs in resistance and remnants of the old armies. Alicia confronts the first DeathKnights undead wife and drives her out with the power of the Flame of the Host.. No sign of the Fourth DeathKnight.. Alicia abdicates and returns to the capital, while the new Paragon and his armies continue the search for the DeathKnight.

210 IA – 5th Paragon leaves the Kingdom of Thane, returning soldiers bring a terrible plague from Thane. FIRST BLACK PLAGUE OF THANE – resistant to magical healing, kills 30% of the worlds population. Lhasa, Aeultia, and Escia are hardest hit. Silverleaf is spared. Paragon is able to heal thousands with a touch of the his sword and the afflicted flock to Aelutia..

214 IA – FIRST BLACK PLAGUE OF THANE OUTBREAK ENDS. Due to the influx of the afflicted seeking help, the Empire bounces back the fastest.

244 IA – The Giant King Krowg of Stormwater dies. THE WAR OF THE GIANTS begins.

251 IA – The WAR OF THE GIANTS ends after the new nation of Stormwater receives assistance from the Aelutian Empire.

258 IA – The First of the Riverguard are formed in Stormwater.

312 IA – A violent disagreement between Escian and merchants from the Land of the Dead ends with a demand for restitution from the Lich King. Escia refuses, and launches an attack by sea and land against Ankarath. The attack is a complete failure, but the undead are restrained and actual casualties are low.. The Lich King repeats his demand..

313 IA – The armies of the Lich King amass on the Escian border.. As the Escians prepare death poems for what looks like imminent annihilation, a noble rebels and pays the Lich King his ransom. His armies pull back, the ‘traitor’ is executed by Castir..

420 IA – The 5th Paragon dies of natural causes peacefully in his sleep, aged 251. The Empire mourns – and the 5th Paragons great, great, great, great grandson – already a general in the army – becomes the 6th Paragon.

422 IA – Silverleaf warns the empire of increased activity in Thane, and a small village burned by a drakerider. Panic breaks out and the young 6th Paragons leadership is tested. Scouts are sent ahead to Thane and the army gathers most of its forces at WindKeep Fortress.

423 IA – Scouts report a new Thanish army of Orcs, undead and evil men is indeed active in the Broken Kingdom under the banner of a wicked Drakerider calling herself the SECOND BLACK QUEEN OF THANE. While rumor is rife, all indications are that she does NOT possess the Brand of the Fallen but is SEEKING IT.

424 IA – The 6th Paragon, riding his Griffon, battles in the skies with the Black Queen, who is a powerful warlock and more cunning fighter than the Paragon,and their first confrontation is a stalemate. The armies clash, and with the Flame of the Host boosting morale, crushes the Thanes and scatters their armies.

The Paragon and a select few men go after her but are eventually called back by the council of elders who are concerned that it is too dangerous to risk losing the Flame of the Host in the broken Kingdom and it could be a trap. Returning troops AGAIN become sick, and a second, less virulent strain of the BLACK PLAGUE OF THANE breaks out in the Empire. The Black Queen and her Dragon are not seen again and for the next 500 years, Thane is mostly deserted except for Orcs and Monstrous things..

420 IA – The 6th Paragon dies at only age 47. To everyone’s surprise, his 5 year old daughter, Empress Alexia the Little, is chosen as the next Paragon with her mother as regent. Her reign lasts 197 years and is the beginning of a new GOLDEN AGE.


Last from 420 to 980 I.A. and is a period of growth and consolidation for the Empire and the various other Kingdoms. It is only marred by the continual attacks by the Northmen, and several failed invasion attempts by the Empire, and a series of border wars with Escia that are so closely strung together that they really constitute one conflict lasting several hundred years.

The Land of the Dead is quiet, sending a force of undead suddenly and unexpectedly into the Broken Lands of Thane in 800 IA, seemingly to Cull a population explosion of Orcs.

990 IA to the present (1029 IA) The End Times

The Current Imperial Family of the Aelutian Empire. From Left: Princess Cristiane, Emperor Thibaud the 15th Paragon, Crown Prince Zadicus the Fierce, Queen Athelisa, Princess Elewisa

Doomsday cults begin to rise in the last decade of the first millennia, the Deathless Witch awakes from stasis and falls foul of the Empire, the Escian War intensifies and the long golden age ends, ushering in a new era of discovery, innovation, conflict and fear that the inevitable return of a 5th DeathKnight is soon to come..

1029 IA – The present day.


Imperial Lineage (Emperors in Italics are the most influential or have the longest, most stable reign)

Captain Wilkins: 1st Paragon: 50 B.E. – 61 I.A. (Age 111). Reign from 1 I.A. to 61 I.A. (60 years)

Emperor Hugo the Faithful: 2nd Paragon: 4 I.A. – 174 I.A. (Age 170). Reign from 61 I.A. to 174 I.A. (113 years).

Emperor Humfredus the Fair: 3rd Paragon: 145 I.A. – 202 I.A. (Age 57) Reign from 174 I.A. to 202 I.A. (28 years).

Empress Alicia the Shepherd: 4th Paragon: 180 I.A. – 345 I.A. (Age 165). Reign from 202 I.A. to abdication in 205 I.A. (3 years).

Emperor Rychard the Fearless: 5th Paragon: 169 I.A. to 420 I.A. (Age 251). Reign from 223 I.A. to 420 I.A.

Emperor Guerin the Dragonslayer: 6th Paragon: 398 I.A. to 445 I.A. (Age 47). Reign from 420 I.A. to 445 I.A.

Empress Alexia the Little: 7th Paragon: 421 I.A. to 654 I.A. (Age 233). Reign from, 445 I.A. to 654 I.A. (197 years).

Empress Melisent the Evangelist: 8th Paragon: 632 I.A. to 682 I.A. (Age 50). Reign from 654 I.A. to abdication in 663 I.A. (9 years).

Emperor Derric the Devoted: 9th Paragon: 640 I.A. to 754 I.A. (Age 114). Reign from 663 I.A. to abdication in 750 I.A. (87 years).

Emperor Reginaldus the Hawk: 10th Paragon: 724 I.A. to 766 I.A. (42 years). Reign from 750 I.A. to 766 I.A. (16 years). LOST THE FLAME OF THE HOST.

Regent Simond the Resolute: 11th Paragon: 750 I.A. to 823 I.A. (73 years). Reign from 766 I.A. to 823 I.A. (57 years). RECOVERED THE FLAME OF THE HOST.

Emperor Aldous the Traitor: 12th Paragon: 776 I.A. to 826 I.A. (Age 50). Reign from 832 I.A. to 826 I.A. (3 years). SUICIDE (source of the poisoned bloodline).

Empress Essylt of the Dawn: 13th Paragon: 808 I.A. to 895 I.A. (Age 99). Reign from 826 I.A. to abdication in 885 I.A. (59 years).

Emperor Petur the Strong: 14th Paragon: 860 I.A. to 899 I.A. (Age 39). Reign from 885 I.A. to 899 I.A. (14 years).


Emperor Thibaud the Pale: 15th Paragon: 879 I.A. to present (Current age 150). Reign from 899 I.A. to present (130 years).

Ages, Aeons and Years at a Glance


First Aeon: Year 0 to 999. 9,999 BE-9,000 BE

Second Aeon: Year 1,000 to 1,999. 8,999 BE-8000 BE

Third Aeon: Year 2,000 to 2,999. 7,999 BE-7,000 BE

Forth Aeon: Year 3,000 to 3,999. 6,999 BE-6,000 BE

Fifth Aeon: Year 4,000 to 4,999. 5,999 BE to 5,000 BE


Sixth Aeon: Year 5,000 to 5,999. 4,999 BE to 4,000 BE

Seventh Aeon: Year 6,000 to 6,999. 3,999 BE to 3,000 BE

Eighth Aeon: Year 7,000 to 7,999. 2,999 BE to 2,000 BE

Ninth Aeon: Year 8,000 to 8,999. 1,999 BE to 1,000 BE

Tenth Aeon: Year 9,000 to 9,999. 999 BE to 0 BE


Eleventh Aeon: Year 10,000 to 10,999. 1 to 999 IE (Imperial Age)

Twelth Aeon: Year 11,000 to 11,999. 1,000 IE to ?

Current Year 1029 IE, 11,029 years since creation.

Units of Time

The day is 24 hours long, and there are 336 days (48 weeks)in the Imperial year, which is based on a Lunar calendar system. Each month is exactly 28 days long, and called month one, month two, month three, etc.


999 IE, 1029 IE (pending), 1035 IE, 1056 IE.


897IE, 1000IE, 1024 IE, ?

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