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Hobgoblin Bakemonogatana

Type of Sword: Magical War Sword of the Hobgoblin race and has powers available only to those with Hobgoblin blood.

Replica by: SBG Black Dragon Forge

Status: Cancelled Product – final liquidation pricing here.

Designed by: Paul Southren, editor in chief of Sword Buyers Guide and Legendary

Notes: First production run launched in November 2018. Discontinued and sold off below cost from march 2019 due to poor sales response.


While the Hobgoblins under the iron-fisted rule of Kharang the Magnificent in the Badlands have control of the worlds last known deposit of the magical super steel Coronatite, it may come as a surprise that for their own personal armaments they do not use it. Only sell it.

Some say that it is because they do not trust the magic of other races. Hobgoblins are after all a highly xenophobic species and they rarely if ever use weapons or armor that they have not made themselves. But the other reason they may disdain the use of other weapons is simply because the armaments they make are both highly effective and aesthetically pleasing – at least to Hobgoblin sensibilities..  But a human who has no knowledge of Hobgoblins and is presented with one of their swords are surprised when they encounter Hobgoblin craftsmanship for the first time. Because while clearly of non human manufacture, their weapons and armor are of exceptional quality.

The most famous of all their weapons is their sword – a long ‘S’ shaped blood red blade mounted in fittings that are both utilitarian and have a dark beauty about them, though original they are not. For each sword is made the same way with the same design and fittings as the next. In all cases, the color scheme of every sword is black and red. And every sword has cast brass fittings made from a handful of sacred and heavily guarded molds depicting what most scholars believe is the moment of the original transformation from human to monster during the war in heaven..

While called ‘Hobgoblin swords’ by outsiders, the Hobgoblins refer to them selves as Bakemono (changelings) in the language of their origins, the harmonious isles and swords as ‘gatana’ – so they call their swords ‘Bakemonogatana’..

But whatever name these swords go by, when combined with a Hobgoblins inherent fighting ability and years of relentless training and drilling in complex forms and bruising sparring sessions with wooden facsimiles – their blades have a truly fearsome reputation – starting with the way they are forged..

For the Hobgoblin blades start their very existence with a kill, the blade heated until it is glowing hot and plunged into the body and the blood of a human captive to quench and temper it – the victims dying energies tied into the blade with a dark ritual weaved by a half mad Hobgoblin Shaman.

Once the ritual is complete, the blade is infused with a blood red hue that pulsates like a heartbeat, getting richer and deeper red with each kill – and storing one charge of energy that it can release in a number of ways, including:

  • At close range, expending a charge causes the blade to flash with a red pulse directly into the eyes of their opponent – blinding them for up to a minute if they do not look away in time.
  • Before making an attack, a charge may be expended to make the next strike virtually unstoppable. Non magical weapons and armor offers no protection or resistance against this power attack, and if clashed against another magic sword, BOTH may take damage.
  • By meditating with the sword and expending a charge, all but the most grievous wounds will heal instantly, and any diseases or afflictions are also cleared. Note that this can only be used by the Hobgoblin.

Fortunately, each Bakemonogatana can only hold a maximum of 4 charges (souls) and the powers can only be used by those with Hobgoblin blood. Despite this, these swords are sometimes used by mercenaries and assorted human villains due to the amazing keeness of the blade, its cutting power, and its sinister appearance (though in the hands of a human, the blade does not pulse or react like it does in the hands of a Hobgoblin).

It is not only magical powers that are activated when these swords are in Hobgoblin hands. For the militaristic Hobgoblins spend hours each and every day training and drilling in complex and deadly martial art techniques designed to make their attacks unpredictable, fast and deadly accurate. Add to this the Hobgoblins merciless attitude to fighting and their win at all costs mentality, and an armed Bakemono makes for an extremely dangerous and wily opponent.

You can read more about the Hobgoblin race here.


The Sword was designed by Paul Southren and made by the Black Dragon Forge who have been making Swords such as the SBG Custom Katana since 2008..

The Bakemonogatana can be classified as a type of Jintachi – a sword that never appeared in history but is a modern Japanese concept from anime and manga. This version is based on various other historical swords however, such as the Filipino Panabas and Turkish Kijili combined with the versatility of the Bujinkan Shinobi sword to make it a highly effective cutter that can be used in a myriad of ways.

The 29″ monotempered 1095 carbon steel blade is chemically altered with a red sheen that shifts in the light and has a long 14″ handle with black cotton ito over dyed red rayskin, brass fittings and rattan reinforced saya.


  • Blade length: 29″ (74cm)
  • Weight: 2.76lbs (1255g)
  • POB: 4.72″ (12cm)
  • Handle length: 14″ (35.5cm)

Sadly, sales of this sword were extremely poor and in March 2019 planned future runs of this design were scrapped and remaining stock sold off below cost here for $274, down from $329.99 (includes Free Shipping).

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