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Ice Serpents

In the wake of the Giant Wars of Stormwater, the few isolated encounters with a new and terrifying creature began to increase to epidemic proportions. For the Giants had previously kept these sinister creatures numbers in check with a combination of fear and actively hunting them, but in their departure, nothing held them back – and have been a threat and a menace to the people of Stormwater ever since.

With white scaly skin and a serpentine, snake like appearance only disrupted by two small and clawed forelegs that they use like crampons to scuttle and slither across the ice and through the snow, these creatures are extremely hostile and dangerous. While their razor sharp claws are dangerous enough, it is their bite that is truly terrifying in its effects. For a mammal unfortunate enough to be bitten by them is chilled to the core, their core body temperature dropping rapidly in but a few seconds regardless of how much clothing or protection from the cold they currently have, slowing their movements and making them easy prey. And from the puncture marks spreads a magical kind of frostbite that makes the prey easier to digest and will consume them in but a few short hours unless magical healing is quickly obtained.

Or more drastically, if no magical healing is available, swift amputation of the effected area..

While their intelligence is barely above that of an animal, they have a certain cunning and will use their environment to their advantage, usually attacking from ambush and using wolf pack tactics to distract opponents from one side while preparing a much more formidable attack from the other, and switching it up until their opponent is finally defeated.

They are also extremely tenacious, and will wait days or even weeks outside an area if their prey managed to find a refuge that they cannot gain entry to, but due to their cunning and claws, they will try many different ways to try and get to their meal.

Only magical fire and the magical sword Hafvilverd – the Serpents Bane can cause them to break off an attack once it has started, the former which will break their morale and cause them to flee, and the latter of which they are terrified of, but they will also avoid Giants wherever possible and flee from them if attacked, for Giants are naturally immune to the effects of their poisonous bite.

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