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Summoned by the Shadow Elves  500 years ago, the Jhir’kai is an unstoppable preternatural killing machine unleashed upon the world to destroy the Elven Homeland and then, all life upon the surface, paving the way for the Shadow Elves to claim the world as their own..

Immensely strong and with a voracious appetite, the Jhir’kai’s hide is impenetrable to all manner of weapon and no magic can touch or effect it, and for many years it rampaged unchecked, entering the Elven homelands and slaughtering entire villages – and despite their powerful magics, nothing and no-one could do anything to stop it or hold it back. Aleutian scholars theorize that it is in fact a more stable form of a Golgoloth or at least comes from the same twisted dimension as those giant world eating inter dimensional nightmares.

In desperation, a great Elven hero – Erin-Galad (Lad the Elf) sought out the greatest smith of his age with a lump of Elfsteel in his hands – and forged the Vorpal Sword – a powerful blade that he designed specifically to defeat this terrible monstrosity.

For 500 years he has and continues to hunt the Jhir’kai – and for the first time it knew fear and pain as the blade snicked off some of its claw like fingers, and caused it to bleed for the very first time. Time and time again he has faced it off, but each time when badly injured it turns to a black mist and sinks into the ground – and remains there for 10 years before rising again as a mist, the cycle repeating over and over with Erin-Galad waiting each time and trying desperately to slay it as it tries equally hard to escape him..

Locked in an endless battle, and able to injure but not deliver the fatal blow (for each time it rises, it rises fully healed), Erin-Galad has driven it far from civilization, for centuries in Thane, the wilds near the Abandoned forest and even the Badlands, each time forcing it away from any populated centers and defeating it over and over, but never able to land a fatal blow.

If encountered, there is very little anyone can do to stop it – it is capable of taking on the form of an intangible, billowing black mist. When corporeal, it is often seen running three times as fast as a galloping horse without tiring, crashing through trees, parting rivers and breaking apart boulders in its wake. Its strength is legendary – no chains can hold it – and its unbreakable teeth can chomp through magically enhanced iron chains as thick as a mans arm effortlessly. And when it roars, anyone who hears it is struck by a supernatural fear that causes them to temporarily lose their minds with terror and run as fast and as far away from it as possible..

Everyone but Erin-Galad – for if one is unlucky enough to stumble upon this horror, their only hope is that Lad the Elf and his trusty Vorpal blade are hot on the trail..

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