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Since the very beginning, the world of Eletreus and the swords have been a group project – and we are always looking for new contributors to add their stories, sword designs, digital artwork or other expertise to make the site bigger and better – make it personal – make it YOURS!

To ensure we keep a high quality standard, we do not have open membership. There are only two ways to join, one is to be invited by a current member (friend of a friend) or to contact us and state how you wish to contribute and provide us some examples of your previous work.

Membership has its privileges – in addition to worldwide recognition and insider discounts on purchases of swords and merchandise, members are frequently reimbursed for their time and efforts, receiving opportunities to design and receive new swords and/or cash payments at the market rate for their work (i.e. digital artists, freelance writers, etc).

If you feel you have the skills we are looking for, or just want more information on what is involved with becoming a contributor, please contact us using the form below. We are especially keen to hear from people who are just starting out and need an opportunity for exposure – start with us early and we can all grow and benefit together.

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