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Legends & Lore

We have created a rich and detailed original fantasy world – Eletreus – within which all of the sword designs are embedded into.

To learn more, simply pick an area of interest.

The Lands of Eletreus

Click here to learn about all the various countries that make up the continent Eletreus.

Tales and Legends

For a series of short web novella’s on some of the major characters and events in the history of Eletreus, click here

Lore, Magic and the Gods

Click here to learn about magic and read the deep lore of the most famous places, people and dieties of Eletreus

Timeline and History

For a complete, bullet point history – from the creation myth to the present day in 1030 Imperial Age spanning 10,000 years, click here

The Bestiary

Click here for a growing compendium of original fantasy monsters – some based on old legends – and others works of pure fiction.

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