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Lhasa is one of the oldest continuous civilizations in Eletreus – indeed it was discovered by ancient explorers from Ankarath over 5000 years ago, who were surprised to find a thriving and sophisticated Kingdom to rival their own where there should have been empty lands..

How Lhasa came to be is known only by the sleeping and benevolent Celestial Dragon God King  – Tianlong the Gentle – who had saved his people during the War in Heaven by taking the brunt of a determined assault by the fallen.

And while he has slumbered for thousands of years from the effort to stop the devastation that destroyed and reshaped so much of the world – his great civilization has prospered under the wise rule of the provincial wizard lords who are able to, on occasion, receive important directives from the Dragon and meet in the land of dreams..

Despite a long and proud history, Lhasa is an eclectic land, drawing on and taking from the various cultures around them what fits and leaving the rest, much like a Lhasian smorgasbord – for the people of Lhasa are gourmets, and their cuisine widely appreciated and adopted in turn by the cultures near them. They are also consummate traders, with a strong defensive private navy, and good relations with all nations except perhaps the Northmen.

Their relationship with Escia in particular is old and deep, as the Escians adopted the belief system of the mysterious half-dragon prince who taught anyone who would listen a profound meditation technique that would become the foundation of the famous Shaoshi temple in Huangshi Province.

The Half-Dragon Prince


Population: 18 million.

Military: 2,000 soldiers garrisoned equally in each of the seven provinces (14,000 total) but able to levee 140,000 additional reservists in times of need. Strong, but mostly private formal and informal navy protecting the Lhasian treasure ships.

Racial Characteristics: Largely homogeneous inland but extremely mixed in the heavily populated Southern coastal regions. The people of Lhasa tend to be slight of build due primarily to their diet, with dark brown or black hair and brown almond shaped eyes.

Language: Lhasian.

Lhasa has both a complex and a simplified writing system taught to them by the Dragon before the war in heaven. Education is highly valued, and the universities of Lhasa rival and in some cases exceed those of the Empire in quality and knowledge. Aelutian, Escian and even Elven is widely spoken in varying degrees of fluency.


HUANGSHI PROVINCE: The Northernmost province in the Kingdom, it is dominated by the Shaoshi and dividing range mountains to the north. It is rich in deposits of gold, silver and jade.

SHAOSHI TEMPLE: Dedicated to enlightenment and mastery of the Lhasian martial arts. The warrior monks are famous throughout the Empire for their fighting skill and dedication to helping the weak and the oppressed. Also is a major magical sword forge, which make blades that instead of bestowing powers on the wielder are instead vehicles to channel the wielders own internal energy..

BAIYU PROVINCE: Iron, seafood, and wide, open plains. The northern forest is believed to be haunted.

HEINAN PROVINCE: Main rice growing region of the Kingdom.

KANGXI PROVINCE: Main wheat growing region of the Kingdom.

Grand Master Wizard of Kangxi Province, Tao-Shing Guo

YUYANG PROVINCE: The richest province and major trading hub of the Kingdom, as well as the location of the Capital. The most densely populated province, containing almost half of the Kingdoms population.

TANGJIAN: The capital and largest city in Eletreus. Nominally ruled by the Grand Regent, who in turn derives all his power from the Wizards of Gongxi, who maintain telepathic communication with each other and the sleeping Dragon King. Anything and everything can and is traded in Tangjian. While it is a vibrant city that never sleeps, in among the chaos can be found places of quiet solitude and beauty.

NANYANG PROVINCE: Dominated by the Eastern forest, it is sparsely populated and major industries are logging and fishing. Has illegal trade ties with the rebellious city state of Fushan.

FUSHAN: An island city state that was once part of the Kingdom, it broke away some 150 years ago and has become something of a refuge for pirates, fugitives and is currently ruled by a half hobgoblin wizard and his squad of brutish enforcers.

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