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Lizard People

The Lizard People were created by the Qahoori Nomads even before the race of men first walked upon the surface of Eletreus, and while these days encounters are rare, they are still endemic to the nomadic routes between the Demonsteeth mountains and what little remains of the Forbidden desert, with some small tribal villages scattered in the ruins of the ancient pyramids of their lost creators and masters.

Highly intelligent, but bred without the ability to read or write to make them more placid and controllable, the Lizard people are physically much taller, stronger, more agile and faster than a human being, but have few emotional responses – displaying a cold blooded intelligence that is utterly rational and reasonable. They are not creatures driven by passions, but are instead basically placid, highly cooperative, group orientated and fatalistic.

However, while usually even headed and calm, they will bristle an angry red as an automatic response to any painful stimuli, and revert to an almost feral state, biting with row upon row of razor sharp teeth and attempting to tear the source of that pain limb from limb.

The Lizard People also have a natural affinity with all kinds of lizards, be they small skinks that they use as spies, or huge riding lizards that they use as fierce mounts and livestock. As carnivores, they are viewed with suspicion by humans due to their funerary practices of eating the recently deceased of their own number at a solemn funeral ceremony, and do not differentiate between sentient and non-sentient food sources..  (though have a preference for oversized bugs, arachnids, snakes, fish, small game and lizards)..

And while ‘opportunistic’ – unless starving Lizard People seldom capture humans for the sole intent of eating them – but neither will they let good meat go to waste after a confrontation. For while the Lizard People do not seek confrontation, they will not back down from it, and when they fight combine brilliant planning with a berserk fury on the battlefield with the defeated either kept on as slaves or, if dead, end up as tonight’s supper..

The current surviving populations of Lizard people are known in the Southern Badlands as occasional traders and sometimes, if the year has been a particularity bad one, raiders – and are not trusted by outsiders, nor do they take outsiders among their number except for slave labor. They are considered outlaws by the Aelutian Empire.

Due to an inability to regulate their internal body temperature (they are cold blooded) the pressures of their nomadic lifestyle have and always will keep their numbers and distribution in check, but as they are more or less emotionless, they are fearless and deadly fighters and highly recommended to avoid provoking their berserk wrath.

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