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Longship Armoury

Longship Armoury was formed in collaboration with the legendary American Sword maker, John Lundemo, back in 2011.

John has been making swords professionally for over a quarter of a century and is one of the most versatile modern day swordmakers, with swords from fiction, fantasy, history and spanning all eras and cultures. His blades are made from a variety of modern steels, including L6, S7 Shock Steel, and CPM-3V. John heat treats certain steels in house while sending others such as S7 and CPM-3V to a third party precision heat treating facility specializing in high end cutlery treatment.

As a result, his swords have a reputation for extreme durability and, as limited runs, each sword made by John is a true collectors item.

Our first project with John and Longship Armory was the “Furia” sword, a limited run of 20pcs over 2 years and was a post-apocalyptic Fantasy sword based loosely on the semi-historical Ninjato.

Now, John and the team has officially become part of the Legendary Swords Project with “Odins Oar” Viking Sword with original artwork being prepared by long-term collaborator and DC comics artist Warren Louw.

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