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Making of the Flame of the Host

The Flame of the Host was designed by Daniel Dacombe of Manitoba, Canada and produced by the good people at Blade Culture International


First up came the technical drawing, taking the basic design sketches and drawing them to scale. Below is a close up pic of this swords unique hilt.

Then the sword is created in ‘3D’ using a wooden replica to work out what its actual dimensions should be and then the first steel blank of the blade is forged.

Next, the fittings. And as you can see, the brass HAND CARVED fittings turned out extremely well.

Note that the design was changed ever so slightly by adding a crossbar at the hand guard to reinforce the design and give it the necessary durability to be a truly battle ready sword.

And here is what the sword looks like pre-final polish, sharpening, hilt wrap and assembly.

Nearly there, but a bit of a hiccup…

At first glance, the finished Flame of the Host looks, well – stunning..

It was almost too good to be true – solid 5160 blade, heavy brass fittings, wire wrapped handle.. But there was one small detail that was not quite right..

Can you see the problem?

Well, yes – it looks stunning, and we told the forge so. But it needs to be entirely re-done because, if you look closely – the embossed flames are supposed to be facing opposite directions, so only the pommel flame is the right way around..

Some would argue that it is not worth re-doing the entire sword to get at and re-make that component. But a design is a design – and while it looks super cool and shows what the end result will be like, we just had to have it re-done..

So a couple more parting shots while it is in the workshop until April 2018.

April 2018

Just a very quick update on the sword being reworked – the fittings have been remade and are ready to have the engraving done. A major delay for a fairly small error – but it needs to be done..

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