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Making of the Sword of Danu

The Sword of Danu was designed by SBG competition winner Djinnobi,. and is being brought to life by the team at Blade Culture International in Pangasinan, the Philippines.


First was the crescent moon shaped pommel, cut to shape from a piece of solid 5160 spring steel.

Next, the distinctive hand guard, roughly ground to shape from another billet of steel – ensuring it is strong enough to take a direct hit from another sword blade, unlike most other fantasy swords whose guards are cast from pot metal or weak zinc aluminum alloys.

The fittings are then mated with the beefy full tang in preparation for peening and further refinement before they are permanently attached in place. Below you can see the roughly ground blade, which has been hand forged from a single billet of 5160 Spring Steel.


It is a good thing that we get regular updates on the swords as they are being made. I kind of saw that in the original technical spec sheet shown above, the handle looked – for want of a better word – somewhat ‘fat’ and bloated.

Well, turns out it was, so I provided some feedback and we ensure it stays true to the much sleeker original design.


After going back and forth a bit with the designer and the guys at BCI, we were able to determine that with just a little thinning of the handle the sword was ready for the final stages of finishing.

It is not a huge difference, but the guys at BCI know how to make a good sword and the designer is ‘over the moon’ (pardon the pun) so all is good.


And now, the blade is given a polish, a central ring is added to the hilt, and the scabbard also begins to take form..

I really do like the lines of the scabbard, and in the next photo you can see the mean looking tip of the leaf blade, plus a quite ornate and beautifully done chape of the scabbard,

MARCH 2018

Finally, it is complete..

As you can see, it fits beautifully into its matching custom forest green scabbard.

Below you can see a close up of the hilt – with cotton wrap and heat-induced dark rainbow patterning of the steel fittings – a design feature the forge decided upon by themselves – and has been warmly received by both the designer and anyone who has seen it.

All in all, this design transformed into a bit of an ugly ducking in to what could well be, based on early feedback from members of the SBG community, an extremely popular beautiful swan of a design!

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