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Medusozua Zeppelinus

These massive airborne semi-intelligent creatures are both rare and extremely valuable. They are rare because they take a very long time to grow to maturity and have no natural defenses against predators other than to stay camouflaged in the clouds and out of range of most other creatures, but are a favored food source of aerial creatures as they are easy to take down, nutritious and taste quite good.

Mostly translucent with white and grey coloring to blend in with the clouds they frequent, they draw sustenance from the water vapor and particles therein, and have no mouths nor eyes, but are filled with a lighter than air gas like substance that gives them their considerable buoyancy. They are only barely intelligent, and will pulsate and attempt to move away from any predator, but are slow moving and usually just drift along with the prevailing winds, though instinct drives them to position themselves to stay close to cloud cover, for when there are no clouds they are particularly conspicuous.

Early attempts to domesticate them by the people of Pomedica were only partially successful until the prolific inventor, Mercurio Montinari, created both a harness to attach them to baskets and small specially built airships and to extract the gases from their bodies to fill canvas air balloons as a substitute.

These airships, either carried directly by the Medusozua Zeppelinus or by balloons utilizing their gases, are typically used for transporting trade goods across the Empire, exploration, entertainment, scouting and even moving troops, though because the gas is quite flammable and the airships easily blown off course by strong winds, their usage in warfare is currently quite limited.

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