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Located 180 miles east from the capital Paragonia, Mythbury has always been an important town. These days barges go down the tributary river that flows to the capital, while traffic passes through from east to west and back along the Great Timberland Road. But in the distant past, when it was known as Minastereth, it was once the town closest to the original deposits of Coronatite mined by the ancient Cagbicians, and was renamed Mythbury in 1322 BE when the lands were conquered by the victorious Aelutians.

Since then, the town has been blessed by over 2000 years of peace, protected by the Empires distant borders and the river kept safe from Northman invaders by the capital acting as a chokepoint, and is no different than most other peaceful towns in Central Aelutia in that the only violence usually ever experienced is when Old Grandpa Millerson has had too much to drink and decides to test the mettle of the good for nothing youngsters at the local publican.

However, two important events mark Mythbury firmly on the map. The first is that it is the rural birthplace of the Paragon, the young Aurelius, and as a result is a site of holy pilgrimage, with Mythbury church three times the size of most other rural churches, and in the woods to the north east there is an abbey of monks that tend to the monument to the Paragon, a humble statue not on a pedestal, but with the feet on the ground, looking inwards to the capital.

Shrine to the Paragon – Mythbury

The second event was more recent, in 1024 I.E. the young crown prince came here on a pilgrimage with his family and when he was supposed to be at church on the 7th day, he snuck out to swim in Lake Vilan and had to be rescued by the Royal guard when he nearly drowned when his foot snagged on a tangle of reeds. It took him several weeks to recover, but a full recovery he did not make, for he was sick for a month with a mysterious fever and when he came out of it was not the same person as before that fateful day.

Like most other small towns in central Aelutia, Mythbury has many farmlands and produces large amounts of wheat, cattle, and seasonal fruits that are exported to feed the insatiable maw of the city. Being positioned near a river and two large lakes, it is of course also a fishing town, though most of the fish caught here is for local consumption.


The Abbey: The monks of the Abbey are extremely devout, strict devotees of the Church of the Paragon and are responsible for the upkeep and protection of the holy monument to the paragon, an important site of pilgrimage. Recently (1028 I.A.) there was some controversy after 2 visits from Witchhunters, the abbot was arrested for heresy and taken to the capital to be tried, where he was found guilty of subverting the church and worshiping the forbidden god Rahm.

Lake Pahoe: Picturesque and a great source of fish for the locals, the waterfall at Lake Pahoe is sacred to the Druids and a site of healing.

Eldersham Farms: The Eldersham family have been wealthy landowners in Mythbury for over 300 years. They employ many of the workers and produce wheat, poultry, beef and apples – most famously known for their delicious and strong apple cider. The families current Patriarch, Glenn Eldersham, is a red faced and overweight man well known for his short temper and famously made a cripple of one of his workers who he caught drinking his cider. It is a popular, but dangerous, sport for the local children to wind him up – and recently he has developed a grudge against Old Grandpa Millerson who, after one of his nephews was caught and severely beaten by Eldersham senior decided to pay him a visit, and knocked him out, breaking one of his teeth.

Lake Vilan: In the 5 years since the young crown Prince swam in, and became sick from the waters of the Lake, it has been a no go zone and is unkempt and brackish with the waters now considered unsuitable for livestock and most recently, ugly, misshapen fish. Locals report that late at night strange wailing sounds seem to emanate from the lake and while it has been investigated, the source of the sound remains unknown – further adding to its bad reputation and encouraging further neglect.


West of Mythbury is the village of Woodsend whose population is primarily made up of lumberjacks and is well known for some of the finest wood in Central Aelutia. Both Woodsend, and the Barryburrow Farm to the West are occasionally troubled by the so called ‘Mad Hermit’, a self proclaimed prophet and holy man who rants that the End times are upon us and will occasionally accost travelers dressed in nothing but rags if they are lucky, or completely stark naked if they are not. He travels with a large pack of dogs and while not considered dangerous, can be rather disruptive.

North of Woodsend is the aptly named Broken Hills, whose West side is lush with grasses and whose East side is barren and devoid of life. Great cracks and crevices split the scenery, with some of them extending several hundred feet under the ground. Why the lands contrast so much and what has caused the cracks is unknown, but the nearby town of Old Morville has on occasion been used by adventurers who set off to explore the underground system there, most leaving without saying very much, but others have disappeared without a trace.

Old Morville itself is a bit of a tense place recently – for while there has always been tension and hostility between the two biggest and most influential landowners – the McCurneys and the Muldaways – the Muldaways accusation of witchcraft against their neighbors ended in a brawl in which one of the McCurney boys was accidentally killed.

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