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Same size as a man but about twice as heavy and nearly three times as strong, the Ogre is a brutish, stupid creature that delights in causing pain and suffering. While brutal and violent to the core, Ogres are essentially cowards at heart and will run away or beg for their lives if hard pressed by what they thought would be another easy victim..

While usually solitary, particularly big or strong ogres can sometimes force and cajole other lesser intelligent monsters (usually other Ogres or Orcs) to join them and when so emboldened, may conduct savage raids on isolated farming communities, disbanding and leaving the area quickly if there is an Imperial presence or if the resistance proves stronger than what they anticipated.

Ogres will eat pretty much anything and are constantly hungry and frequently drunk. They are seemingly very fond of eating humans, especially infants and children which they call ‘tenders’. Hairy, greasy skinned and foul smelling, Ogres seem to be continually making obscene noises from both ends, even in their sleep, and usually wear little more than a loincloth, though will make crude hide coats in colder climes.

Female Ogres can be encountered almost as frequently as males and tend to be more cunning and specifically target ‘tenders’ for its pot. While they will mate with other Ogres, they make no particular bond with them or owe other Ogres any loyalty above that which can be commanded by force. As a result of their indifference to their own species, young ogres are usually neglected, cruelly treated or even on occasion eaten by their Ogre mothers.

A human woman than conceives to an Ogre will always give birth to an Ogre, though often with more intelligence or size than average. Such Ogres do remember their human parent and – if they were well treated when young – will usually refuse to harm them nor allow harm to befall them.

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