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Orc Kings War-Cleaver

Original design sketch by Swordmaster0813

Type of Sword: Orcish Battle Sword Infused with Dark Magics

Replica by: Scorpion Swords

Status: Made to Order – available for $274.99 here at the SBG Sword Store

Designed by: SBG member and competition winner SwordMaster0813


In the broken Kingdom of Thane, the Orcs rise yet again. But this time, they are united – by the power of King Guruk, Lord of the Dark Harbor and Master of the Broken Outpost – and the unholy powers stored within his original humble, brutal blade – his personal War Cleaver..

At a casual glance, it appears like any other Orc WarCleaver – that is to say a fairly typical Orcish weapon – no bells, no whistles – just raw, viscous functionality. And it has no special distinguishing features other than the well worn handle and some that never could be properly honed out.

To it, he has added no adornment – and for all intents and purposes is the same as any other you might find in the personal armory of an Orc warrior.

Almost all Orcs have one of these among their personal armories, and they use for anything from chopping up ‘meat’ (don’t ask) and sawing the bones with the serrated false edge, throwing it at close range and – of course – hacking, chopping and stabbing anything they can get away with to nice bite sized bits (we did say don’t ask)..

Orc with a typical War Cleaver

But while the Orc Kings War Cleaver may look all the rest, it has one important difference visible only to those who are able to see beyond the physical and into the astral realms. For there it shows its true nature, and reveals it has been saturated with the darkest of black magic and is the source of his power and the tool he uses to dominate and unite the old Orc Warbands to his savage will.

The price of this raw power was to swear total allegiance to powers that he cannot and does not even begin to comprehend. Powers that distorted and twisted the very fabric of reality so much that his memories of that fateful day are as a nightmare, but a nightmare so real that the vision is burned into his eyes and is always the last thing he sees before he sleeps and his first thought when he wakes.

Hungry for more blood..

What he does know is that he bears the hideous scar on his arm from the blood magic like a badge of honor. And when he fights or kills with it, it glows – hungry for more.. And more.. And more..

For this murderous blade is possessed of a powerful unknown and vengeful spirit. When it cuts the flesh of a living creature, it pulls the blood it into the blade like a hungry vampire, giving it a ‘charge’ and the wound continues to bleed much heavier than normal as a side effect.

The sword can hold a maximum of 9 charges, when it reaches zero it becomes ‘hungry’ and will force its host the Orc King to seek out blood for it, or if none is readily available, it will take it from him as it has before..

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Powers of the Sword

In addition to causing heavy bleeding on each cut, the Orc Kings War-Cleaver has the following powers:

Command – by expending one charge, the sword glows green Orc King can rally his troops, boost morale, dispel all fear and even order them to suicidal attacks if need be.

Guardian Mode – Warchiefs need to be paranoid to survive. But an Orcish King needs to take it to new levels, and by activating one charge it will glow bright green leap up into the air and hover, readying to strike anyone that comes close – allowing an uninterrupted sleep.

Behead – by expending 2 charges, if the King is close enough to strike and can land a blow, the blade glows a sickly green color and screeches through the air to automatically an unerringly land square on any man sized opponents neck – breaking non magical weapons and slapping magical weapons to the side .. Such is the force of the blow that only the most heavily armored opponent stands a chance to avoid being decapitated. But even if heavily armored and not actually cut, the combination of the Orc kings brute strength and the unerring accuracy of the attack is easily enough to break the neck of a fully grown man and to date, every time it has been the result has been the separation of head from body.

Death Throw – by expending 3 charges, the sword turns a sickly green hue and summons forth one of the tormented souls of a previous victim. Once manifested, it can then be hurled with almost unstoppable power screaming through the air like a banshee up to 100m meters away locked in and striking directly any opponent within line of sight. Once a target is selected, it never misses and will home in on them even if they round a corner, landing full force in the center of their chest (or more often as the case may be, their back if they are running away). In theory heavily armored opponents may possibly survive this devastating powered attack, but unarmored or lightly armored  opponents (up to chain) are almost certainly dead – and once having struck, the tormented unholy spirit used to power it goes free and the sword dematerializes to instantly returns to the hand of its owner.


The Orc Kings War-Cleaver was designed by SwordMaster0813 and made real in steel by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords.

The blade will be made from tempered 1095 Carbon steel with an oak handle and optional leather sheathe.


  • Blade Length: 17.25″
  • Blade Width: 3″
  • Handle Length: 11.5″
  • Handle Width: 1 1/8″
  • Weight: 2.6lbs
  • Point of Balance: 2″ from handle

Summary: A big mean chopper that brought a big smile to the designers face and turned out just as he had hoped. Mean, nasty and pretty much impossible to break – would be an Orcs delight…

Behind the Scenes – the Making of the Orc Kings War Cleaver

Click here for the behind the scenes making of this sword

This Sword is Available to Purchase!

You can buy this sword with several free customization options here at the SBG Sword Store for just $274.99 plus shipping.

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