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Pomedica is a progressive semi autonomous Suzerain state of the Aelutian Empire and one of their staunchest allies.

At the forefront of fashion, cuisine, shipbuilding and new weaponry, and formed out of the ruins of the Parthanian Kingdoms a little over 1,500 years ago. Their early Kingdom expanded rapidly and while initially had good relations with the early Aelutians, they fought a series of small scale wars against them as they attempted to push east and claim the great Northern road to Notarikon – but in the end surrendered their sovereignty in 435 BE when they were suddenly attacked by their warlike neighbors, the Escians, to the East.

Ever since then they have been at the forefront of the Escian Wars, and have fought side by side with the Aelutians on so many occasions, and intermarried with the Aelutian Imperial family, that they are the Aelutians most valuable supporters – for the Pomedicans have a solid reputation for innovation, and their navy easily rivals even that of the great Empire itself.

With a focus on innovative missile weapons, and a proud culture that has seen the rise of a gentlemanly class focused on dueling, during the millennial celebrations of the Aelutian Empire, they unveiled one of their latest inventions, fireworks – and in the past 30 years have started a new industry producing proto-firearms and cannons infused with magic, though the early weapons are considered unreliable at best, but devastating when they work as hoped..

Early attempts by the New Royal Pomedican Navy to deal with one of the scourges of the open seas were moderately successful..


Population: Approx 3.5 million humans.

Military: Approx 30,000 soldiers, with an emphasis on siege weaponry and 2 newly formed musketeer units of 1,000 soldiers each armed with arquebus. An extremely strong navy, now equipped with early cannons.

Racial Characteristics: Distantly related to the people of Greater Khartoum, the Escians and the Parthanians, almost all Pomedicans have either brown or black hair with brown eyes and tanned or dark skin. They tend to have a reputation for being somewhat hot headed and have a reputation for being slightly lazy and finding shortcuts to doing everything, which is believed to be part of the reason for their emphasis on scientific progress.

Language: Pomedican.

Many Pomedicans are bi-lingual, especially among the many merchants, soldiers and the aristocracy, who are are fluent in Aelutian and both languages have influenced each other significantly in the past 1000 years, though the Pomedicans usually maintain a relatively thick accent when speaking foreign languages. Pomedican script is only slightly stylistically different than classical Aeutian and both are legible to the other, though Pomedican is not necessarily pronounced how it is written. The Pomedican language is very expressive and Pomedicans have a reputation of talking loudly and gesticulating wildly with their hands when speaking.


POMEDICA CITY: A large and cosmopolitan port city with extensive sea fortifications, it is famous for its wide paved streets with gas lit lamps, flamboyantly dressed nobles sauntering through the streets and many restaurants specializing in local, Lhasian, Elven and fusion cuisines.

PANOTRAS: Once a rival city state of Pomedica in its own right, it was absorbed into the Kingdom of Pomedica during their early expansion period, but still retains some rivalry. Also heavily fortified along the coast to protect shipping and has the largest ship building yard in all of Eletreus.

ROYAL POMEDICAN ACADEMY: Both a formidable fortress and a training grounds for the Pomedican Royal Army, it is currently being extensively remodeled to accommodate gun emplacements and contains a large foundry where the new arquebus guns are being mass produced to re-equip the Pomedican army.

Princesses Elawisa and Cristiane of the Aelutian Empire at a recent fireworks exhibition held at the Royal Pomedican Academy. Princess Cristiane is an eccentric character, epicurean and consummate explorer and is of direct Pomedican descent

HYEP ENCLAVE: A militarized island with multiple fortresses that is key in defending the seas against any possible Escian advance, though several small towns have formed over the centuries to cater to the navy stationed there. Home of the Pomedican Royal Marines.

JERASA: Northernmost coastal city and also heavily fortified against possible Escian naval excursions, it serves as a nexus for the extensive mining towns and operations in the northern hills with a well protected shipping lane to Pomedica city. The northern area in the shadows of the Dead Highlands is wilderness and serves as a buffer in case somehow the Escians were able to cross the mountains.

THE DEAD HIGHLANDS: A massive mountain range whose cliffs tower above the seas below and serves as an impenetrable barrier separating Escia from Pomedica. It is entirely depopulated and while small armies have tried to cross from both sides in the past, none have succeeded and have either turned back or been lost.

KHNOM FOREST: The largest forest in all of Pomedica and the source of their best and most exotic woods, it is also home to several rebel bandit groups who have existed there in one form or another for nearly 2000 years and who claim to be the last pure-blood Parthanians, though this is disputable at best.

CASTLE RODIAS: Jointly manned by the Aleutians and Pomedican armies, this is the primary land bastion against Escian incursions and has seen many heated battles over the centuries.

SUNNY DEPTHS: a huge freshwater lake fed from the Sunny River which runs from the mountains to the sea, it is a source of several rare and exotic species of freshwater fish that are used as ingredients in the finest restaurants of Pomedica city and preserved with ice brought down from the Rodias hills.

NORTHERN WILDS: A huge grassland expanse of untamed wilderness.

WEST GALANIS: A joint Aelutian/Pomedican river city, the western half is controlled by the Pomedicans while East Galanis is Alelutian. Contains the treaty of Pomedica that declared their civilization as a Suzerain state during the first Escian Wars and is a major trading hub between the two friendly civilizations.

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