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Qahoori Nomads

The Qahoori Nomads are an extinct (or believed to be extinct) race of ancient inter-dimensional travelers that settled in Eletreus even before the time of the high elves.

Essentially defensive and peaceful in nature, curious about the world but aloof at the same time, these enigmatic creatures – who never numbered more than 9 in number – for the most part left humanity and the other races to their own devices, trading with them on occasion, but otherwise leaving them be. Instead, they spent their time studying the heavens and building mysterious pyramids at strategic locations to access and balance inter-dimensional forces with the aid of a race they created themselves, the placid and hardworking Lizard people.

While no longer active in the world, for these immortal magicians, who neither age, nor breed were almost all slaughtered standing up to wave upon wave of the early incursions of the War in Heaven.

Enkil the Qahoori

However there were exceptions, as it was Enkil the Qahoori – who was the second to last of his people – laid the foundation for the city of Notarikon to become the center for magic in Eletreus.

Physically the Qahoori have male and female humanoid bodies slightly larger than the average human, but with zoomorphic heads (birds of prey, jackals) and other features, such as wings, tails or features of a single animal type – however when enraged (and they are almost impossible to provoke), they rapidly grow to gargantuan proportions, with associated increases in strength, weight and toughness..

However, this burst of size and strength is short lived, and it was in this way that the Qahoori were overwhelmed by the foul armies called forth by the Fallen during the War in Heaven.

The Qahoori were, in addition to being arch-sorcerers, astrologists, and architects, were also prolific writers – and some of their earliest writings are preserved at the great library of the Notarikon that form the very foundation for all the schools of Imperial Magic, while a few have also been uncovered from time to time by expeditions arranged by the Lich King of the Land of the Dead..

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