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Quill Hounds

Height: 100cm at shoulders

Weight: 90kg

Strength: comparable to a large predatory animal e.g. wolf, lion

Intelligence: dog like

Language: howling, barking, growling

Special Abilities: None

Special Defenses: None

Born and bred for War, Quill hounds are named so because of the thick and sharp spines that protrude as a mane from behind their head and run down the ridge of their spine that are strong enough to deflect sword blows and stand on end when they are agitated, which is quite frequently.

Originally found in the Kingdom of Thane – they are still there and serve as sentries, trackers and blood sport entertainment for the Orcs that still infest this region, but can also be found in the Badlands and even occasionally as far North as Silverleaf, though are rare in the Aeultian Empire and beyond.

Their bite is extremely hard for their size, and they are quite fearless and hard to demoralize, fiercely loyal to their handlers and extremely aggressive. Once they are set upon a target, usually only their death with stop them, and they snarl and growl viciously as they attack – often working together to pull their prey of balance and tear out their throats before moving to the next target. Because of their single mindedness, they can be hard to call of once given a target, usually requiring physical force, but even when enraged will not turn on their handlers.

With a highly developed sense of smell, they are excellent trackers and generally do not move fast except in short bursts of speed, and whenever possible will use stealth to get close to an adversary and attack with a violent and overwhelmingly aggressive ambush.

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