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Riding Drake

While Dragons are very rarely encountered in Eletrues, the riding Drake – while uncommon is what most people refer to as a ‘Dragon’ even though they are only distantly related to their much more powerful cousins.

In the wilds, they are reclusive and shy creatures, usually seeking to avoid contact – though this changes if they are guarding a nest of eggs, which are highly prized and incredibly valuable. For when a hatchling riding Drake first lays eyes on another living creature, it forms a powerful imprint and while hard to tame, once finally broken in my its imprinted master it remains loyal until death.

Because riding Drakes only bond well with a member of the opposite sex (and female Drakes are typically not aggressive or combative by nature unless guarding their eggs), historically all Drake riders have been female.

While they lack the god-like intelligence of a Dragon, they are still highly intelligent (sometimes more intelligent than their riders!) and though incapable of magic, they are highly resistant to magical attacks or influences and can breathe a 100′ long stream of fire from their mouths three times a day.

Considered to be amoral by nature, they are adaptable and tend to adopt the thought patterns and opinions of their rider via the telepathic link they share – a link that works as long as there is visual contact between the rider and mount.

Because riding Drakes were frequently used against the Aelutians during their many clashes and encounters with the dreaded Thanes, taming a Drake is punishable by death – though the Aelutians rivals, the Escians, have no such qualms.

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