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Native to Tuath De and closely related to Centaurs, Satyrs are Hedonistic, and non-combative by nature. They are fond of wine, women and song, and are especially skilled at playing the pan pipes, whose haunting tunes can be used to control and influence the emotions and actions of humans. Example of the effects of their tune is causing listens to fall asleep, calm down, dance or even become afraid and run away.

While physically at least as strong as man, their legs are particularly powerful and they can run much faster than any human, and if hard pressed, a kick will break bones and can even be lethal – but they are not easily provoked, and if confronted will first try to use their magical pan pipes or simply run away, but will fight fiercely when defending their families or loved ones.

Satyrs speak in a lilting, musical voice and are also excellent singers and poets. They are quick to laughter and merriment, and do not take many things seriously, with a sharp and mischievous sense of humor and often have extended families as they do not marry nor are they anything even remotely close to being monogamous, and will flirt outrageously with anyone that they are sexually attracted to (which is almost everyone, and they often find features that others regard as ugly or undesirable as beautiful, such a the morbidly obese, those with prominent birthmarks or other unusual physical features).

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