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Scorpion Swords and Knives LLC

Scorpion Swords and Knives LLC was started by History Channels featured archery expert, Chris Palmer from Springfield, Missouri.

Chris originally started his business making functional replicas of ancient bows and arrows, but later expanded into knife and sword making, which became so popular that he was unable to do both and decided to concentrate on blade-making.

With an emphasis on affordable, hand crafted fantasy and ancient era blades inspired by film, computer games and popular fiction, Chris specializes in shorter blades with extremely sturdy, full sandwich tang handles. Due to the sophisticated heat treatment of the 1095 carbon steel blades, Scorpion Swords have a solid reputation for extreme durability beyond what any historical sword could ever hope to achieve, and was a perfect choice to join the Legendary Swords project.

Chris has created four swords so far for the project – the Goblin Kings sword, the Orc Kings War Cleaver, Dusk Wind’s Goad and the early Aelutian Gladius with many more shortswords and daggers to be produced exclusively for our project over the coming months and years..


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