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Seraph Aegis

Initial design concept by Jeffrey Robinson

Type of Sword: Holy Angelic Blade

Replica by: Forge Direct & Jeffrey Robinson

Status: 5pcs in existence (valued at $2,999ea)

Designed by: Jeffrey Robinson (Bronze by Jeffrey Robinson)

The Legend – The Recountal of the Seraphim

Long ago, in the age after the creation but before the fall, we lived in light and splendor. We knew no suffering or distress and felt only the warm embrace of the radiance which surrounded us. All was solace and serenity.

In time though, there would be one among us within whom grew the barbed seeds of envy and pride. Fealty to the light pricked at him like a nettle in his mind. He would not serve and sought the dominion he believed was his due.

An insurrection was mounted. And so each had to choose, as choice was part of our great gift. We would serve and defend the light or we would join the revolt against it. Most chose the light, but to our dismay, a multitude allied with the apostate.

Open war came then, between the light and the dark. We were ablaze with the righteous luminance within us and the devotion of our brothers and sisters alongside. But those who chose the dark grew ferociously twisted and corrupt in the shadows. They knew no mercy or compassion, which made them fearsome antagonists. We cast them out from the firmament but could do no more against them. With every assault, their rage seemed to grow and our defenses diminish. We were losing.

Decisive action was imperative. We would take the fray to them where they had made their enclave on the mortal world; a world we had long gently guided and nurtured but never tread. A score of us were chosen to lead the foray to the corporeal sphere, far from the shining empyrean. We devised a plan to sway the course and turn back the tide; we would each take a part of ourselves, a shard of our very existence, and from these pieces, forge implements of war. A sword for each, containing a discrete part of our light divorced from our marrow. In this way, we hoped to have the means to beat back the onslaught without contaminating ourselves with its corrupting veil.

We met the enemy on the field of war, the bare earth and rock itself a denigration to our feet, unaccustomed to so base a sensation. In the mayhem that ensued we held the betrayers at bay, for a time. The bright spark of our determination turned to ash as, one by one, we were overwhelmed and began to fall. A fear surged up within us then, not a fear of pain or of death, but of the darkness overwhelming all and swallowing the light in formless oblivion. The end of all things, it seemed, was imminent. But then something we had not expected occurred. Men, men who we had thought of as but precocious children, came to our aid. From the sidelines they picked up our fallen arms and stood over the wreckage of our broken bodies and defended us from the deprivations of the enemy. They did something we could not; they held the line. It cost them more than I can say. They fell by the side in tens… in hundreds… in thousands. But they kept on, young, old, man, and woman, and did not falter. Men, whose brief existence from birth to death was like a single breath to us, their sacrifice all the more significant because of the brevity of their brightly burning flames.

And then they did more; they pushed the line back. They drove off the waves of darkness which retreated to the coldest, blackest places. A fervor welled within us then, because, though our own substance was at its end, we knew the light would never fail as long as there were Men. They had a valor we had not imagined. Though they had never been within the radiance of the light as we had, they defended it still. Though the darkness crept among them, they would not succumb to it.

The pieces of us we left on the field were now in the care of Men. A part of us that would always be with them. Together we would protect the light.

Jeffrey Robinson 1/8/2018

Powers of the Sword and Current Bearer

3D rendering of the Seraph Aegis by Jeffrey Robinson
Digital art version of the Seraph holding the sword by Jeffrey Robinson

The Seraph Aegis was for a time in the hands of the Parthanian Kings, and eventually found its way to Aelutia, where it has been assigned to the the order of the Sky Templars and handed down through the generations from one Grand Master of their holy fighting order to the next.

It is indestructible, nearly weightless and cuts through almost anything put in front of it save for other magical weapons and armor, non magical weapons broken and armor useless against it otherwise. When drawn, it emits a light that terrifies the Fallen and hurts the eyes of their creations such as Orcs, Hobgoblins and other foul creatures, and can be thrown and will slice through its target and return its owners hand. Furthermore, it can boost the morale of soldiers and can summon and control great winds which the Sky Templars use to ride faster and harder on their Griffin mounts than they can ordinarily do, or whip up sandstorms to blind the enemy as they swoop down from the skies to victory.

The Sword

The Seraph Aegis is a joint project between Forge Direct and Jeffrey Robinson. The bare blade itself is a master smith forged high end Feathersteel blade (also known as ‘Windsteel’) which we felt was a unique and appropriate blade with angelic qualities with its angel wing like pattern on the steel.

After modifying the prototypes blade and scabbard to fit the needs of our project, molds are made for the ornate, winged hand guard and bronze pommel as well as a complimentary scabbard.

Behind the Scenes – the Making of Seraph Aegis

Click here for a behind the scenes making of the Seraph Aegis

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