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Aofie and the Arena of Doom

Aofie and the Arena of Doom chronicles the adventures of Aofie of Tuath De in the lead up to the main story line, the Gathering of Heroes. In this action packed tale she travels a lonely and dangerous road into the very heart of the Badlands and fights for her life and her sword, in the blood soaked Arena of Doom..


Chapter One: Welcome to Ironton

Chapter Two: Like a Thief in the Night

Chapter Three: Spirit of the Woods

Chapter Four: Chaos at the Rivers Edge

Chapter Five: Just Friends

Chapter Six: Tower of the Warlock

Chapter Seven: Little Slave Girl

Chapter Eight: Trial by Combat

Chapter Nine: Death is Listening

Chapter Ten: Bloodlust

Chapter Eleven: Kharang

Chapter Twelve: Goblin Witchcraft

Chapter Thirteen: Within Reach

Chapter Fourteen: Fake Friends and a Fireball

Chapter Fifteen: Learning to Fly

Chapter Sixteen: Destiny Road

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