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Silverleaf, which is the name of both the Kingdom and its capital city, is the oldest human settlement in Eletreus and, according to the old legends, was where the first tribes of man were created and the base from where they first began to spread out across the world.

Guided by the original inhabitants of Eletreus, the High Elves, Silverleaf has always had a strong and close relationship with the Elven Homelands to the north – indeed Silverleaf has good relations with almost all the other Kingdoms and is a friend and Suzerain state to the Aeultian Empire, historically the two countries having banded together many times in the distant past to defeat the evil Thanes to the South.

A peaceful place by nature, life is simple in Silverleaf – the farms serve the towns, the towns serve the cities and life drifts lazily by. People tend to live in very tight-knit committees and travel little except for business or special occasions like fairs or festivals.

King Geroldin IV and his restless daughter, Princess Melisenda

While its early history was troubled and it bore the brunt of the assault of the first DeathKnight in the Catalysmic Wars, it has enjoyed many centuries of peace – though in the last few years Colonists expanding into what was Northern Thane have recently been attacked by a horde of Orcs and Silverleaf has responded by sending in their army to protect the colonists. But the Orc horde is bigger than anyone expected, and again it seems, the drums of war loom on the horizon..


Population: Approx 3 million humans, 500,000 half elves and 250,00 pure blood high elves.

Military: Approx 25,000 soldiers of the Royal Sylvanian Army, with a particular emphasis on archers. Strong defensive navy.

Racial Characteristics: The people of Silverleaf are distantly related to the tribes that later settled in the Lands of the Northmen, but due to relations with the elves and a large half elven community, tend to be of slighter build than the northmen and almost always have light colored hair, green, blue or hazel eyes.

Language: Silvanian.

Silvanian is an ancient language that shares a common ancestry with Aelutian and Norsc, mixed in with a smattering of Elven terminology. Has over 400 words to describe various shades of color. Aelutian and High Elven is widely spoken and the people of Silverleaf can often speak several languages to near perfect fluency due to their superior and universal education system.


SILVERLEAF CITY: The city of Silverleaf has a population of approx 150,000 souls, and maintains a census along Imperial lines that has determined that 5% of the population are of Elven blood, 15% half elven and the rest primarily human. It is a trade hub overland to the Empire along the Great Western Road, which was completed with Imperial assistance to link Silverleaf to the Empire – and via sea to the Elven homelands mysterious port city (of which, only friendly, known merchants can actually find..)

The coastal towns surrounding Silverleaf are some of the most beautiful in all of Eletreus and it is a long standing tradition for the entire Kingdom to enjoy one week a year during the summer months for the citizens to enjoy the pristine beaches.

Silverleaf City at Night

SILVERWOOD: Just outside of the city, the Silverwood gives the region its name – for the leaves of the rare Silverleaf tree, found only in Silverleaf, turn literally into silver during the winter months. Groves of silvertrees are rare and the majority of the forest is made up of oak, birch and willow.

PUREWELL: A large coastal town bordering on a city in size, Purewells primary industries are logging and fishing as well as trade. Recent disagreements with Silverleaf has seen the town forming closer bonds with Elnarnan and there are rumors that it too may wish to become an independent city state.

BURNESIDE STRONGHOLD: Once the primary bastion against the invading Thanish army over 1000 years ago, in these times of peace the Stronghold, which was gifted to the people of Silverleaf by Elf magic, is barely manned and used as a training ground. Features a small town that has grown up around it and that acts as a nexus point for the surrounding farmlands.

AMBERMEADOW: These are some of the most fertile lands anywhere on the continent producing a huge surplus that is exported to the Empire and beyond. It gets its name from the beautiful spring blooms of Amberflowers – which rejuvenate the soil and have special healing and relaxing properties when smoked – which is legal in Silverleaf but outlawed in the Empire.

ELNARNAN: Actually an independent city state, Elnarnan was founded during the Thanish invasion and became the home for refugees fleeing the devastated Kingdom of Thane after its fall. With a much lower Elven influence than Silverwater, it declared independence 800 years ago and while not hostile to Silverleaf, is suspicious of Elven influence. It is also the scene for the tale of the Forever Prince. Has some inland trade with the Empire, but the majority of its trade is actually via sea to Karamentonen, Ankarath, Escia, Pomedica and even Lhasa with their fast trading ships – which ironically are purchased from the Elven Homelands..

GRIMEVALLEY: a collection of mining towns and villages extracting silver, nickel, copper and platinum.

THE DISTANT PEAKS: So called because when you walk towards them, they don’t seem to get any closer.. This is because the peaks of the mountain range separates the realm of men from the realm of the Fay and only an invited guest may make progress and find one of the many hidden passes.

WAERHAM KEEP: Acts as the last point of defense if a force from the Badlands manages to break through. Human constructed.

Famous statue of the legendary archer Aimeri the Poet, outside the original walls of the Keep

WAELCOMBE KEEP: Serves as the final checkpoint along the Great Western road into Silverleaf and used as a base to protect against incursions from the Badlands and surrounding areas. Currently garrisons the main body of Silverleafs armed forces.

BELANORE: A large town/small city that serves as a nexus point for the numerous farms surrounding it. Farms in this area produce the widest variety of crops anywhere on the continent.

TREEHOLD CITADEL: Originally build by the invading Thanes, Treehold Citadel was rebuilt and now serves as a safety point to check any possible incursions from the lawless lands to the South and South East.

MYTHHARBOR: In addition to the surrounding fertile farmland, Mythharbor is a large fishing town and the second oldest major human settlement in all of Eletreus.

TURQUOISE LOCH: Named after the beautiful color of its waters, the Loch is home to all manner of fish – many native only to this body of water. The plains to the West of the Loch are home to wild centaur tribes who do not trouble the people of Silverleaf and often mop up any monsters or fell beasts that find their way into the lands from beyond the mountains.

THE PEACEFUL WOODS: A huge natural forest, it is the home to Druids, Wood elves and other Sylvan folk. Noted for the unique Elven inspired architecture of its various homesteads.

STEELCLIFF: Tucked in at the base of the towering mountains, Steelcliff sits near a huge deposit of iron ore, the quality and purity of which is unrivaled in the known world. The mountains surrounding it are impassable.

THE NAMELESS TEMPLE: Originally built by the Thanes when they occupied these lands, the temple is a sinister place and a dark stain on an otherwise almost spotless nation.

The temple is lower than it once was, a full 30 feet lower in the ground due to the mechanics of time and the marshiness of the area. The ground floors are now basements, the basements now dungeons, and only the upper temples and towers are above ground. An odd little cleaning spell exists, warding off animals and keeping the interior clean, but villagers keep away from it as children have been known to fall into the temple with no way out due to the doors being beneath the ground. Usually they are found and pulled out a window with ropes or ladders. Sometimes they aren’t.

There is something… inside. Expeditions into the temple tend not to come out, even well-equipped warriors from the towns and the occasional wood elf have been known to disappear inside.

Those who have come out (or perhaps just did not go far enough in) speak of strange occurrences. The layout seems to change, and it’s difficult to tell where one has been.

Sometimes the light will play tricks, shadows will move when the lantern stays still, and figures appear at the end of hallways.

The further in they go, the more they speak of strange effects. Most don’t seem to go lower than the old ground floors.

There is is one who has claimed to have seen the secret in the lower levels of the temple. A wood elf who long ago ventured in with a friend to find his son. There is little left of his mind, but amidst his jabbering are such phrases as “always behind you, it’s always behind”, “it follows you out, even now it watches me”, and of course the disturbing “IT’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU; DON’T TURN AROUND! IF YOU TURN AROUND I SWEAR I’LL KILL YOU! GET OUT GET OUT GETOUTGETOUTGETOUT!!”

That particular elf still lives in the wood elf nation, where he is taken care of by the locals out of respect and pity. His hut is far from the village, and he hates visitors as they present another back for the creature to hide behind; but if one could figure out a motivation or get him drunk enough, it might be possible to glean some information from him on the subject of the temple. Just don’t turn your back on him, as he’s killed 5 adventurers so far for not staying in between him and the creatures that are apparently “always behind them”.

Wood elves are dangerous enough with their minds intact.

WOOD ELF NATION: Actually, should be called the ‘Wild Elf Nation’ as it is an independent state of ‘back to nature’ high elves who left the Elven homelands and who live like Wood Elves. But Wood Elves they are not. They utilize only natural materials, dislike visitors and have a wild, unkempt appearance with long tangled, leaf speckled hair, tribal tattoos covering almost every inch of their body and file their teeth to sharp points. They only wish to be left alone, and anyone who deviates from the road to the Elven Homelands will receive a warning shot arrow that will graze their cheek – and if ignored, the second shot will be to the heart or to the eye, as there are no better archers anywhere on the continent. It is said that a wild elf archer can shoot an apple of a mans head blindfolded from 150 yards..

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