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Struthio Dawnpatrolis

The Struthio Dawnpatrolis is a massive predatory flightless bird endemic to wilderness areas in Eletreus.

An opportunistic carnivore, it is highly intelligent and travels in small familial groups of between 10 to 20 animals, herding its prey into ambushes by other members of the family group using well coordinated attacks and its razor sharp beak, which is larger than a human head and capable of piercing heavy armor.

Despite being a carnivore, these creatures are not inherently hostile to humans, but can become a menace if they stray too close to human civilization, for they may prey on livestock or small children if they think they can get away with it – and are intelligent enough to know that humans will hunt them down in return, so some are content to pick through garbage and other refuse.

If raised from a chick, they can be domesticated and will treat their masters as a member of their own family and are fiercely loyal and protective – being strong enough to serve as mounts, though they lose a lot of mobility in doing so if ridden by a full size human, but are not impeded by the Tuath of Tuath De, where they are more commonly used as mounts than horses.

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