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Sword Making: Behind the Scenes

Curious how these swords were made? Well, here is a behind the scenes look at what goes into taking a sword from initial design concept to completed prototype.

Blade Culture International

Below are the high quality 5160 Spring Steel blades made by Blade Culture International in Pangasinan, the Philippines. All of these swords are hand forged from start to finish with hammer and anvil the old fashioned way.

Making of the Zelda Master Sword


Making of the Flame of the HostMaking of the Brand of the FallenMaking of the CastirMaking of the Sword of DanuMaking of the Vorpal SwordMaking of the Sakkala Sword

Longship Armory

Truly heirloom quality, here we go behind the scenes to see how two legends of the Sword Industry, KC Lund and John Lundemo from Longship Armoury, hand forged the stunning Fantasy Viking Sword – Odin’s Oar – a pattern welded blade made from two of the strongest and most durable steels known to man.

Making of Odin’s Oar

Scorpion Swords

Affordable and eminently durable, take a behind the scenes look at how Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords hand makes his fantasy shortswords using the stock removal method.

Making of the Orc King’s War CleaverMaking of the Sword of the Goblin KingMaking of the Early Aelutian GladiusMaking of the Dusk Winds Goad

Bronze by Jeffrey Robinson

Our first project with Jeffrey Robinson is a collaboration between Forge Direct and his company to produce a high end angelic themed blade.

Making of Seraph Aegis

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