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Sword of the Goblin King

Original Design by SBG Competition Winner Joren Soreno

Type of Sword: Made by Dark Goblin Magic

Replica by: Scorpion Swords

Status: Made to Order – available for $274.99 here at the SBG Sword Store

Designed by: SBG member and competition winner Joren Soreno


Goblins are mean, nasty little creatures. And so it should come as no surprise that they favor mean, nasty little swords..

Of all their mean and nasty little swords, no Goblin sword is meaner or nastier than the blade of the the self proclaimed Goblin King of Shamble Island skirting the territory of, Tuath De. The new ruler of the dark-fey, King Grumblemeyer I of Cathalain (Cathalain being the old name for the Island before the goblins turned it into a ‘shamble’)

His sword is of typical Goblin design. In their diminutive hands is a two handed sword but to humans, is an ill tempered looking shortsword, and one that should never be underestimated..

The blade itself is made of Goblin Steel, that is to say iron that is carbonized by all manner of strange and horrible noxious ‘ingredients’ and made under the dark skies of the new moon at the Goblin Forge of Shamble Island. Goblin steel is inherently poisonous and a nick from any of the various hooks, points and edges of the blade will result in immediate disorientation, fever and, if left untreated, coma and death in 1-6 hours..

It is also very strong, and while Goblins are essentially cowards who prefer to harass and ambush their victims with with daggers, darts or slings and all manner of traps and minor spells, when hard pressed – the swords come out – and a cornered Goblin will fight to the death with surprising tenacity, hacking at the knees, stabbing into the groin or hamstringing their foe with the barbs.

All Goblin swords have these qualities. But if you look closer, you will see the Goblin Kings sword has been further enchanted with powerful moon glyphs.

On one side the inscription reads: “Dark Warning Gibbous Moon Life Fear Sword” and the other “Blood Full Moon Power Energy Sword”.

The first inscriptions enchantment binds to the sword a power that is activated on the nights of the Gibbous moon (either side of the full moon) on nights of the Waxing moon, the sword can be used to deliver a threatening nightmare (the ‘dark warning’) that will leave its victim uneasy, accident prone and unable to sleep until the night of the full moon..

On nights of the waning moon the ‘life fear’ power may be activated – and by simply brandishing the sword in the moonlight, anyone within sight whom the Goblin King desires will be overcome by a terrible, supernatural fear and – unless they can somehow steel themselves – will do all they can to run and scramble away from the bearer, and stay away, babbling incoherently, until the dawn finally breaks.

But the greatest power of the sword only occurs on the rare nights of the Blood Moon. When the moon turns red, so does the blade mirror the sinister crimson glow, and the sword becomes a beacon and a conductors rod to command the dark forces unleashed on the night of horror..

While these three powers are dependent on the state of the moon, there is one additional power that is present at all times..

Goblins, being deceptive and sneaky creatures, are very nimble and have excellent hand eye coordination. So it should come as no surprise that the ‘throw and run’ technique of swordsmanship is a goblin specialty – and they spend a considerable amount of time amusing themselves by throwing their two handed swords like an axe into tree stumps..

But the Goblin Kings sword is different – right at the hand guard are 5 marks on each side, and when fully charged, all glow with a faint white light. But when activated, the sword will disappear and return to the hand of its owner, allowing the Goblin King to retrieve his thrown sword the second after it hits its target..

Yet the effect does not end there, for when activated – it not only returns to the Goblin Kings hand – but SCREAMS through the air like a guided missile, traveling 3 times further and 3 times faster than a normal goblin sword, and – what is worse – the poisonous effects are also 3 times more potent..

All in all, a sword fitting for a (Goblin) King..

What Little is Known of the Goblin King Himself

Goblins are well known to revel in the fear they cause in young children – and delight in pranks that frighten them, often singling out particularly arrogant or selfish children to teach them a lesson in humility. But they have also on rare occasion been known to actually raise some orphaned or otherwise abandoned children among their number – and it is believed that the current Goblin King is one such child..

Christened King Grumblemeyer I of Cathalain by the Goblins themselves, the child’s true identity is not known. What IS known about the ‘boy’ is that he has apparently ceased to age, seemingly permanently cemented at a physical age of 11-12 years old, but has been in this state for the last 20 years.

It is also known that he has been initiated into the darkest secrets of Goblin Black Magic and is a powerful natural sorcerer, his power seemingly increasing with every year that passes..

What his goals and his motivation are as much a mystery as his origins – but whatever it is that he has planned, it can be certain that it will not be beneficial to anyone but himself and his growing legion of Goblin followers.


The Goblin King Sword was designed by Croccifixio and made real in steel by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords.

The blade will be made from fully tempered 1095 high carbon steel with hand etched engravings on the blued section of the blade. Handle will be oak with black stripes and includes a leather sheathe.

Behind the Scenes – the Making of the Goblin King Sword

Click here for a behind the scenes making of this sword

This Sword is Available to Purchase!

You can buy this sword here at the SBG Sword Store for just $274.99 plus shipping.

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