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Sword of the Sakkala

Type of Sword: Semi-mythical sword attributed to the Sakkala spider riders and the warrior hero Thorkil.

Custom Sword Production by: Blade Culture International

Status: Completed

The Sword of the Sakkala is a custom sword project being made as a gift for a lifelong friend who had a spider riding character named Thorkil in 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (mixed with first edition books actually, and our own house rules).

Not a native Sakkala, but rather a child adopted by the spider riding tribe, where and how this sword came about remains a mystery – all he knew is that while questing with his companions far away from his homeland, one morning there it was.

The original design sketch

Cursed or blessed, it was hard to say – for this sword gave Thorkil the power of rapid regeneration of even the most grievous of wounds, and with it in his hand he was more than just fearless in combat. He was downright reckless, driven half mad and no longer fearing the pain of being felled in combat, but relishing it..

Unable to die, and riding his fierce mount (who had a penchant for eating his companions mounts and retainers if left alone for too long when exploring deep cave systems and ancient tombs) his reputation grew, as did his madness, and in the end he is remembered as a fierce and terrifying figure whose exploits (such as single-handedly hunting down and killing every member of the most notorious and violent bandit gang ever to menace the Badlands) are recalled not only by the Sakkala, but at campfires all throughout Eletreus to this day.

Legends of the sword itself also continue, though its current whereabouts are unknown and attempting to trace back historical accounts of its appearance and disappearance suggest either that it has a semi-ethereal quality to it – or never actually existed at all..


  1. Thorkil as a character existed in what could be a kind of proto-Eletreus. If translated directly into the Eletreus Mileu, he most likely lived in the 1st century BE, around 100 years after the Sakkala had more or less withdrawn to their current mountain location.
  2. Some Aelutian scholars and historians suspect that Thorkil never actually existed, as there are scant credible historical references and no tale regarding his demise or the fate of his sword. However, even though it is over 1000 years in the past, the ancient Shaman of the Sakkala says that he knew him personally and that he was very real, though refuses to speak of his eventual fate. And at times, tends to suggest that he is actually still alive and active somewhere far away..
  3. There is a suggestion by the 9th Archmage of Notarikon that Thorkil is actually a manifestation of the Sakkala Shaman himself and that the Thorkil archetype first appeared sometime in the sixth aeon, and again during the events of the War in Heaven. Research continues, though the Shaman himself when once questioned on this possibility laughed it off and considered it ludicrous.


The Sword has a blade made from 5160 Spring Steel and is fully functional. Fittings are brass, steel and wood with extensive cast and hand crafted components to create a truly one of a kind sword.


Click here for a behind the scenes making of the Sakkala Sword

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