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The Aelutian Gladius

Original design by Hoffman

Type of Sword: Military Sword of the Imperial Aelutian Legions

Replica by: Blade Culture International

Status: Prototype – made as a prize in the design a sword competition.

Designed by: Alexander Hoffman (competition winner)


An inherently magical weapon, due to the use of an advanced Coronatite alloyed steel, the Aelutian Gladius is the sword that conquered the known world and the official sword of the Imperial Aelutian Army.

The current design is approx 500 years old and is the pinnacle of Aelutian swordsmithing. The wide, leaf shaped blade is designed to deliver devastatingly effective cuts while the tip, fight ending thrusts capable of bisecting the average human arm with a single thrust due to its wide, shearing blade. Earlier versions were the same length, mass and general style, and had been in use since the first Coronatite deposits were discovered.

While older versions are still widely in use and are passed down through the generations, the modern versions are all forged at Batrion on the edge of the Badlands along the great western road to Silverleaf.

Because these swords are passed down through generations, they are not exclusive to active members of the Imperial Armed forces and can also be found as the sidearm of regular imperial citizens, it’s relatively small and unobtrusive size making it the perfect sword for everyday carry.

Due to its long history and association with Aelutia, first as a Kingdom and then as an Empire, it has an honored place in Aelutian Culture and society, and is considered a gentleman’s weapon and frequently used to settle duels and disputes.


Each Aelutian Gladius starts life as an alloy of equal parts high quality steel and raw Coronatite ore. When the correct mass/volume is achieved (enough to forge a Gladius between 18-22″) the alloy begins to glow with a warm orange light from its core, and will continue to glow until the final heat treatment, at which point the magical light is absorbed deep into the blade and it becomes inherently magical without the need for the usual extensive processed required to enchant a blade.

The magical nature of these swords allows the Imperial Army to fight monsters which normal weapons do not harm, increases accuracy in combat and – when held through the loops by the thumbs and stuck into the ground, as a focus for prayers and petitions to the Paragon. The alloyed steel is also extremely hard, if not impossible to break under normal combat situations and the tip has innate armor piercing abilities, making it twice as effective as a normal steel blade when thrusting. They are also highly rust resistant and hold an edge for up to 6 times longer than a regular blade, allowing soldiers to spend less time maintaining their blades.

As a by product of the enchantment, all Coronatite Gladius have a faint orange glow when their inherent powers are activated, such as when praying, piercing armor or resisting a powerful blow that would damage any ordinary sword.

Additionally, Centurions and high ranking members of the gentry and aristocracy receive Coronatite Gladius that have been set aside for further enchantment. This process takes approximately 1 month per sword, and only 12 are made every year, so are quite rare and extremely valuable as the enchantment dramatically increases the swords armor piercing capabilities to the point where non-magical armor barely has any effect – and can pierce a thick steel breastplate as easily as flesh and bone..


The Aelutian Gladius is the standard issue sidearm of the Aeultian Legionnaires, professional, highly trained and disciplined soldiers. It is used in combination with the classic Aelutian shield while in tight formation, with the soldier protecting the man to his left with his shield and slashing, hacking and stabbing their way forward through the shield wall.

The sword is typically gripped in the right hand. The index finger can be looped through the circular quillions for extra grip. Standard techniques are the thrust into the abdomen and downward slash, one following the other in rapid succession that turn opposing armies into mincemeat – often crushing them and forcing them into each other.

The half of the modern Gladius is designed to unscrew and can be interchanged with the pole of a pilum to produce an ad hoc pole arm. These ‘spears’ are used as needed and set against cavalry charges or used from the back from behind the protection of a tight shield wall – and can even be used as a short range armor piercing javelin, allowing the Aelutian unit a wide range of flexible strategic options to handle and nullify almost any type of threat.


The modern Aelutian Gladius is designed by SBG member Hoffman and is produced by Blade Culture International.


  • Overall Length: 28″ (71.12)
  • Blade Length: 21″ (53.34cm)
  • Handle Length: 7″ (17.78cm)
  • Point of Balance: 2.5″ from guard (6.35cm)
  • Weight: 2.95lbs (1338g)

Summary:Powerful cutter but absolutely devastating in the thrust. Tested on a water bottle, it literally bisected it with a thrust! Well balanced and fast despite being quite hefty.

Behind the Scenes – Making of the Modern Aelutian Gladius

Click here for a behind the scenes making of the ‘modern’ Aelutian Gladius

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