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The Eldar

A mysterious and ancient race of subterranean humanoids whose existence is but a rumor to the vast majority of the peoples of Eletreus, the Eldar live in the deepest recesses of natural caverns and cave systems and are rarely, if ever encountered by surface dwellers.

Never aging and effectively immortal, they are deeply melancholy by nature. For the Eldar frequently observe the goings on of life above ground by temporarily possessing small and insignificant animals such as birds, cats, mice or other small mammals and quietly spying on anyone or anything that catches their attention. Meticulous record keepers down to the smallest detail – their libraries document every significant event in Eletreus starting soon after the War in Heaven ended, and the few scholars who know of their existence speculate that while they are flesh and blood, they are inter-dimensional beings who were drawn to Eletreus by the throes of that terrible conflict.

Their numbers are not known, nor is the full extent of their powers. But in addition to their skills at espionage and record keeping, they are all extremely talented physics, communicating with one another by telepathy and masters of telekinesis as well as mental suggestion. Over millennia, they have honed their natural abilities to such an extent that they can shield against and even undo the most powerful dark magics of the Shadow Elves, who hate them and seek both their knowledge and destruction, but who are powerless to face them directly.

Physically they are much taller than a human, but thin, with pale flesh, completely hairless and almost identical to humans except for the two tentacle like growths that sprout from the back of their heads that they use to generate their formidable physic abilities.

While neither good nor evil and not openly hostile to those above ground, neither do the Eldar welcome visitors except under the most exceptional circumstances. The exact location of their great library is unknown, and believed to actually phase shift to a different location, anyone anyone coming close to their underground homes will first likely have to fight their way past hordes of mindless and hideous Nightstalkers – with whom they seem to have a curious symbiotic relationship.

But when dealing with the shadow elves or a more determined threat, they have at the ready a small but elite specialized warrior class who use a  combination of raw physic power, inhumanly fast speed and reflexes and highly intelligent fighting techniques to defeat any would be intruder before they can get too close to their sacred and ancient abode that, so it says, the answers to any question ever asked can be found..

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