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The Elven Homelands

The Elven homelands was the earliest civilization to appear in Eletreus, almost 3,000 years before the first humans appeared in the world, but the true origins of these mystical beings is far older. The truth of their origin is unknown to even most elves, but the old legends say that the first Elven settlers to arrive here came from an even more distant world far across both sea and sky, and arrived already with the knowledge of steelcraft, herb lore and perhaps most importantly, high magic.

Whatever their origins, few outsiders ever see but a small portion of these lands, for they are separated from the rest of Eletreus by a line of impenetrable mountains, and mysterious, enchanted forests that can only be traversed by the elves themselves, or those that they invite – all others soon become lost, and no matter how they try, will always find they have returned to where they entered.

Living in deep harmony with the forests that nurtures them and protects them, the Elves are largely removed and aloof from the affairs of men after (in hindsight) overly optimistic attempts to guide them in the early days, and maintain a policy of neutrality, but trade with the outside world through Silverleaf. And yet despite this, have stepped in when the balance between good and evil is threatened..


Population: 1.3 million elves. Despite their long lifespans, the Elves are slow to procreate and the males increasingly infertile and or disinterested in carnal relations, thus the population has remained relatively steady over the last 9,000 years.

Military: None to speak of. The Elves do not have nor really need a military, their lands are protected from invasion by powerful magics, and when they must go to war, they form a loosely organized volunteer militia from the most able bodied hunters, rangers and spell weavers.

Racial Characteristics: The population of the Elven homelands is almost entirely homogeneous and made up of high elves, though a few rare and exceptional humans and half elves have been allowed to stay with them.

Language: High Elven.

Due to their long lifespans, many elves speak multiple other languages, including Aelutian, Silvanian and some other languages no longer in use.


OLD FOREST ROAD: This is the primary exit and entry point to the Homelands, though only elves may freely travel it. All other unwelcome or accidental visitors can travel only a short distance along the road before they inexplicably find themselves coming out where they went in.. Despite this magical protection, the area is secretly patrolled and monitored by Elven Rangers.

YALA ALANAR: The second largest city, Yala Alanar maintains a trade route by sea with Silverleaf. Much like the forests, an approach by any unothrized or unknown sea vessel finds that if approaching from the south, the dividing mountain ranges seem to stretch on indefinitely, and approaches from other directions are also futile, with the homelands forever staying on the horizon.. The city itself was formed largely by magic and seamlessly blends in with the surrounding woodlands. It is home to the few non pure blood elves and humans that have been permitted to stay within the Elven territories.

CRESCENT LAGOON OBELISK: A mountainous, heavily forested region dominated by the pure waters of the Crescent Lagoon, this is the home of the Elven rangers and defenders of the homelands and the only real ‘fortification’ in the region. It is also the base of the giant Eagle Starfeather the defender.

E’N ASAN: The true capital of the homelands, E’n Asan is a city in the treetops, in harmony with the forest. Here can be found the Elven High Council of Princes, immortal elves who were among the first to arrive in Eletreus and who are the keepers  of the greatest secrets and magics known to their people.

FANALENOR FARMLANDS: A rural farmland similar but different than human settlements, none-the-less this area is dotted with small elven hamlets and villages who produce the grains and raise sheep, cattle and other livestock (while elves are primarily vegetarian, they do eat fish and meat as part of their diet). The beaches along the coast are perhaps the most beautiful in all of Eletreus, and are enjoyed by the elves during the warmer months of the year, who frolic and play in the cool, pristine waters.

LIRALEI FOREST: The vast majority of the Elven population is scattered throughout this vast wooland area in small peaceful treetop villages of 20 to 30 families, where they sustain themselves by hunting and gathering from the abundant resources of the forest.

HEAVENLY WOODS: The largest forest in all of Eletreus, the Heavenly woods are unsettled and home only to Elven rangers and a few strange Elven hermits and mystics. It is true wilderness, and contains many sacred groves that are visited as part of a pilgrimage that most elves undertake at least once in their lifetime.

MYST WOODS: The northernmost forest of the homelands is populated by wood elves, who live in a much more primitive and tribal manner than their high Elven cousins to the south. While still officially under the jurisdiction of the High Council of Princes, it pays little heed to their directives and is semi-autonomous in nature.

ISYHERIUS: The ‘capital’ of the wood elves, who consider it to be their own independent Kingdom, it is little more than a meeting place of the tribes and has no permanent inhabitants, but is instead a focal point for traditional ceremonies and magical workings.

RUINS OF OMYAN ORTHEIAD: Was once an elven city similar to human cities and a base for Northern expansion, it broke away from the High Council of Princes during the early years of the War in Heaven, and became tainted by Elves who sought to control the Fallen, but were instead twisted by them and became the first Shadow Elves. When preparing for war against their southern neighbors, the capital was blasted by the Great Wrym of the North, and the Shadow Elves driven underground, where they remain to this day. It is a blighted place, and even to this day, the Great Wrym can still be occasionally seen high in the skies ensuring that the evil ones do not attempt to arise again.

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