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The Fallen

“And there was war in Heaven.  The Fallen, once known as the Witnesses, had been too long among the mortals of Elatreus. Separated from their brethren in the Heavenly Host, their observances of mortalkind led them to a terrible conclusion – that mortals could be ruled, and dominated, and made to worship that which ought not to be worshipped. Shemhazai, chief among the Fallen, was the first to raise his frightful banner and proclaim himself God of the World. The vast arrays of the Heavenly Host came against the Fallen, begging their brothers and sisters to return. But the malice and cruelty of Shemhazai had corrupted them utterly. And there was war in Heaven.”

The Elder Tomes, Chapter One, Verses 25-29

Encounters with the Fallen in modern day Eletreus are exceedingly rare, though their influence and hideous ‘creations’ continue to plague the world. Most were destroyed or imprisoned during and after the War in Heaven, but a few managed to escape the battle once they realized their rebellion had failed, and have hidden away in the darkest, most forbidden corners of the world..

Once majestic and holy, they were utterly corrupted, consumed and remade into a raw manifestation of pure evil and malice, and where once they sought to rule the world, now they seek only to destroy it utterly. While undeniably insane their intelligence is beyond human comprehension and those that chose to flee from the losing war are not easy to find and for most, impossible to defeat. For in their presence, the laws of the world are twisted to their will and to gaze upon them is to be transported into a living nightmare..

Attempting to confront or fight one is usually a very bad idea, as magic spells no longer work properly, disconnected from their source by their very presence, and while magic weapons can usually persist, actually getting close enough and being able to move and exercise free will takes a herculean effort, and even if they were wounded, they are able to heal themselves almost instantaneously and even what looks like a mortal blow does not kill them.. There are only a few exceptions, such as the Angelic Blade the Flame of the Hosts or the Seraph Aegis – the bearers of these swords need not fear their powers, can never be corrupted by their influence, and can destroy them with a good solid hit – and for these reasons they hate and fear these weapons with a passion.

Physically, the Fallen typically take on a humanoid form of indescribable horror – but actually have no fixed form, being more like a shadowy void of blackness and pure darkness that can change its size and shape as its mood dictates. While some are solitary, most prefer to be served by cultists who bring them sacrifices of blood and human souls – occasionally breeding with these human servants to beget tainted children.



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