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The Lhasian Energy Swords

Type of Swords: Lhasian Adept Energy Channeling swords used by warrior monks

Replicas by: Michael Ye – Forge Direct

Notes: Made and designed by China based artisan and ranked level 1 master smith, Michael Ye


The so called ‘energy swords’ of Lhasa are magical blades first developed at the Shaoshi Temple by acolytes of the Half Dragon Prince. Unlike other magical swords in Eletreus, whose power is bestowed UPON the one who wields them, Lhasian Energy swords instead CHANNEL the cultivated life energies of the adept THROUGH the blade.

This means that a non adept who picks up an energy sword will generally not gain much benefit from it, while in the hands of an adept who has mastered it, the power it can bring to bear is almost unlimited.. (at least potentially).

More information on the Adepts and Warrior Monks of The Shaoshi temple can be found here – instead, below we will be looking at the most famous swords themselves in order of their power and importance.

The Sky Dragon

There are three Sky Dragon swords in existence, each of them owned by one of the three brothers from the Cloud Warriors, freelance adept mercenaries who harness its power in a most unusual way, to literally fly in the clouds, or rather on them..

By concentrating their energies to the heavens through the swords, they are able to call down a fast moving, semi-solid man sized cloud which they can mount and use to traverse incredible distances in the blink of an eye. However, they cannot fight while flying – though can dismount with a leap and drive the blade into an opponent with incredible force and grace of movement as only a true Lhasian Adept can.

Despite being monks, the Cloud Warriors (who are identical triplets) are extremely worldly in all other respects, and have no real qualms for who they work for or what they do, as long as they are paid. The swords were made for them upon their graduation as full adept monks, but had their swords made by the mad mountain hermit – for the Grand Master of the Temple was aware of their latent abilities to summon and control the winds and the clouds, and made swords that would allow them to take their abilities beyond what they could otherwise achieve instead of providing them with a standard Coronatite Energy Sword.

Coronatite Energy Swords

The Coronatite Energy sword is the most common blade employed by advanced Lhasian adepts who graduate the temple and become masters in their own right, and is the parting gift to them to be returned to the temple only upon their death.

Made at the Shaoshi forge, each sword takes 3 years to make – with coronatite alloy as a base and powerful enchantments soaking into a complex latticework of pure Coronatite leaf patterning. Only one can be made at a time, such is the energy draw on the temple and surrounds that is gradually bound into it – and as such they are both rare and highly valuable, with only around 20 or so in the world at any one time.

The end result of all this effort at first seems to deliver the same powers as a Coronatite alloy shortsword – but in a much longer weapon. That is to say they are almost unbreakable, maintain a keen edge without the need for sharpening and have an innate armor piercing ability, and that is impressive enough as usually such swords can never be made much longer than a Gladius unless they are stretched out like a rapier.

But in the hands of a master adept who has attuned to the sword, it is possible to channel his or her internal energies through the blade, making it move so fast it is a blur a mere mortal can never even hope to follow, never mind dodge or block. And if the adept takes a moment to quiet herself, she can release a shock wave of raw golden energy from the tip that burns almost as hot as the surface of the sun, though it leaves her severely fatigued after its use, usually collapsing or at the very least, barely able to move.

The techniques used to make the swords is known only to the Master Smith of the Shaoshi Forge, but appears to be a hybrid technique of Core-Forging and Rune Smithing – taking a ‘standard’ Coronatite Alloy sword and, instead of a core of Coronatite, highly activated Coronatite is directly latticed into the flat of the blade.

The Swords of Denisia of Pomedica – Living Sword Saint

Denisia of Pomedica is a 27 year old mercenary and one of the only living Sword Saints of this generation. She learned the martial arts from a young age and was training in the Saoshi arts by Master Zhen Kwon of the Lhasian quarters of Pomedica, and quickly realized the girls potential. At age 7 she was the youngest to ever be allowed to train at the Temple, and by age 12 she could easily defeat men twice her size and age.

Exactly what happened is not known to anyone not involved, but 3 years ago she fled the temple with 2 of their most treasured swords and claims that she discovered the Saoshi temple had been infiltrated by the malevolent cult of Domas Rahmn, a claim that the temple vehemently denies – and the Lhasian authorities stance on the matter is clear as she is a fugitive and now lives as a mercenary, with a price on her head and reward for the return of the swords of 20,000 gold pieces..

The two swords she stole, which have fully bonded to her and she is capable of accessing their greatest abilities, is the Dragons Tongue and the Sword of Peace.

The Dragons Tongue

This small 6,000 year old blade was not forged by man, but was created by the magics of the Dragon God King of Lhasa in the year 4,644 – a thousand years before the War in Heaven and is the earliest of all the Energy Swords.

With this precious sword, which is made from a heavenly steel unknown anywhere else on Eletreus, the foundation was laid for future energy swords, and can only be wielded by one who is pure of heart and desires to do good in the world.

In the hands of anyone not attuned, it is still a formidable blade in its own right – being entirely indestructible, and so light, fast and sharp that despite its small size, it cuts as well as a sword several times its length and mass.

But in the hands of one so attuned, it is a demons bane – merely unveiling it in the presence of the Fallen causes them to flinch, and a determined strike unravels their existence, causing them to implode and banishing them forever from the material plane.

When the occasion requires it, Denisia dual wields it in her left hand with the Sword of Peace in her right. In her hands, the fast and light blade is barely a blur.

Sword of Peace

The Sword of Peace was forged by the half Dragon Prince and founder of the Shaoshi temple during the war in heaven to arm the greatest warrior of that age, Master Tsian Tsian Gung, and defend against the demonic incursions after the fall of his father, the Dragon God King.

Over 5,500 years old, it has been used by so many champion Adepts of the Shaoshi temple that some of their inherent life force has entered into it with the result that it takes but a fraction of the time to master as any other energy blade. As may be expected, it is razor sharp and nigh on indestructible – and when it sings its song of battle, heads begin to roll as easily as the rain falls.

When wielded by a sword saint who has attuned to and mastered it, it can call upon the spirit of the champions that once wielded it to fight again – animating it in the air, guided by unseen hand to the will of the adept, and when held – it senses incoming arrows or other small missile fired weapons and can guide the adepts hand to parry even a hail of arrows with perfectly times defensive arcs.

However, the sword does have one important limitation – it will refuse to harm the innocent and those who are undeserving of its terrible wrath – turning immaterial and passing through them harmlessly – and was for many years used by the Lhasian courts to determine guilt or innocence.

Currently it is owned by the Sword Saint Denisia of Pomedica, who used to dual wield it with the Dragons Tongue.


Both blades were made by the Dragon God King and his immortal prince son, and have a synergy when used together. The reverse of what you might expect, the Sword of Peace tends to be used in defense and the Dragons tongue to attack (Denisia is left handed) and when wielded fast together it sucks in the air and creates mini whirlwinds which she can use to do various feats such as extinguish flames, knock things or people over or – if done for long enough, summon a lightning storm whose bolts Denisia can call upon to strike her enemies.


The Swords from this series are all made by Master Michael Ye from Forge direct in the mountains of Longquan (the Dragons Well), Zhejiang Province, All blades were made from expertly folded and tempered 1095 carbon steel, with brass and hard-wood fittings and mixed traditional Chinese sword making techniques with designs based on Chinese myth, folklore and legend rather than being replicas of actual historical blades as he usually concentrates on.


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