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The Making of Hafvilsverd

Hafvilsverd was designed by SBG member Celegon and brought to life by up and coming US sword maker, Tomas Diamante.


First, the fullers were marked on a stock length of premium quality 1084 high carbon steel and struck in carefully by hand.

Then the shape of the blade is roughly ground out by hand in preparation to be sent to J&L Custom Cutlery for optimal heat treating.

Note the thick and beefy full tang.


After it came back from the heat treatment, the hand shaped and polished brass fittings are peened to the tang of the sword for maximum durability.

Next comes the handle, which is a wood core, green leather wrapped and hand stitched affair perfectly matching the original design style and color.

And on the other side, the the seamless area.

A photo from the top town showing the fit between the blade and the fittings.

And finally, the completed sword with the following stats:

Overall Length: 42.75in, Blade Length: 32.5in, Weight: 3lbs 4oz, Point of Balance: 3.375in

Next, the scabbard…

And it was then – the unexpected occurred – and the project terminated..

Now unfortunately what happened next no one really expected – however due to circumstances beyond his control and health issues in his family, the project with Tomas had to be halted and abandoned for the foreseeable future. He was, however, a man of his word and completed the sword. And while the final sword was not quite exactly what the designer had been hoping for (it was after all, his dream sword) – and we will be trying again with this sword in the future with a  different artisan..

So here they are, the final photos of the design that – at least for now, is on indefinite hold.

It was given a simple scabbard – and for now, that is that..

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