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The Making of the Goblin Kings Sword

The Goblin Kings Sword was selected from our pool of sword designs to be made by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords and Knives LLC.


Chris starts the process by cutting out the basic shape of the sword from a sheet of premium quality 1095 carbon steel and then grinds it and refines the shape and blade geometry by hand.

Below you can see how the grinder heated up the outline of the edge. But as this is done BEFORE heat treatment, it does not effect or damage the tempering as there is none yet..

Then back to the grinder for more shaping.

And after a few more hours of hard work the blade is ready to be blued (colored black) at the appropriate place and ready for heat treatment..

Then the blackened section of the blade is treated to give it a classic marbled look.

The blade is polished up a bit, and the Moon Glyphs are engraved by hand with a dremel.

Next Chris begins work on the handle, taking a block of premium red oak wood and using a jigsaw to cut it to shape.

Pins are inserted into the holes of the tang and the whole thing is permanently attached with copious amounts of gorilla glue, ensuring the sturdiest handle construction possible.

And there it sits for 24 hours clamped in place – so that by the time it is dried the handle is almost as if it is a part of the blade itself..

After this, Chris gives the blade one final polish, paints the oaken handle with the striped pattern, makes up the optional leather sheathe – and the end result..

Looks like this..

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