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The Making of the Modern Aelutian Gladius

The ‘modern’ (i.e. current era in the history of Eletreus) Aelutian Gladius was designed by SBG member ‘Hoffman’ and is being brought to life by the good people at Blade Culture International in the Philippines.


The first thing made for the Aelutian Gladius were the fittings, which were roughly ground out to shape by hand from suitably shaped steel parts.

Below are pictures of the two piece pommel construction, which will be peened into place.

The blade itself was hand forged and hammered by hand on their anvil, then roughly ground to shape according to their to scale technical drawing they made for its design to make sure everything fits the way it should.

Below you can see both the sword and how it compares to the technical drawing as it begins to take shape.

Next, the blade collar and double ring hilt fittings are firmly attached along with the wooden core grip and additional rough polishing to shape.

Starting to take shape.

Next, the blade is given the distinctive triple fullers/blood grooves, polished up – some of the wood stained, and a scabbard with steel fittings begins to take shape.

Looking VERY nice…!

From here, after checking that everything fits together correctly, the metal hilt fittings were powder coated black, the wooden hilt and scabbard wrapped with red leather – and, viola – the Gladius was finally complete!


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