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The Making of the Orc Kings War-Cleaver

The Orc Kings War-Cleaver was selected from our pool of sword designs to be made by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords and Knives LLC.


Chris starts the process by cutting out the basic shape of the sword from a sheet of premium quality 1095 carbon steel and then grinds it and refines the shape and blade geometry by hand.

Below you can see how the grinder heated up the outline of the edge. But as this is done BEFORE heat treatment, it does not effect or damage the tempering as there is none yet..

Then back to the grinder for more shaping.

And after a few hours of hard work, including cutting out the serrated false edge and adding the fuller, the blade is ready for heat treatment..

The blade is then ‘blued’ to give it the marble washed, blackened look.

The blade is given another polish, the handle cut out from a block of premium quality burnt walnut wood – the pins fixed into place – and the whole assembly bound together permanently with copious amounts of gorilla glue and clamped into place.

Left out overnight to ensure that there is no way on earth (or Eletreus) this thing is going to come apart no matter how much you abuse it..

The next day, it is given a final polish, the wooden handle stained to bring out its natural beautiful details, and – in the end – it looks like this..

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