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The Sentinels

The Sentinels are an enigmatic race of sapient, mechanical automatons that originate from the near-mythical flying fortress of Temple Nimbus, and the Sorcerer City of Notarikon before it. They are rarely seen in Elatreus itself, let alone in the Aleutian Empire, and are generally regarded as myth by the uneducated masses of the Empire and beyond. Before 990 IA, definite sightings of Sentinels have occurred once every few decades in the Badlands and most commonly in Escia. Afterwards, a sudden spike in Sentinel sightings all across Elatreus became definite proof that these sapient automatons are anything but myth.

The educated people of Elatreus have many differing opinions regarding the Sentinels. Some are interested in their ability to gain sapience, which was once considered impossible due to their former status as complacent, mindless, and soulless Automaton constructs. Others are more interested in their functioning society and their legendary home Temple Nimbus, seeking to unearth the secrets they may hold. The more religious and orthodox believe that their very existence is an affront to the gods, much like the orcs and the undead are. They reason that, like the orcs and the undead, the Sentinels were not life-forms created by the gods and by that very reason they should not exist and are to be considered enemies of the Church.

The Sentinels claim all advantages of an undead army with none of their weaknesses. They do not require food nor water, fatigue and disease is an alien concept to them, and logistical and economic problems inherent in deploying and employing an army are barely of any concern to them; only the initial costs of their construction and manufacture of spare parts over the course of their intended lifespans and replacement weapons are their relative drawbacks. However, Pomedican and Aleutian scientists estimate that the construction of even the most basic Sentinel is a very expensive endeavor, around the cost of training 5 people to full knighthood, with the addition of their war-gear, armor, and their horse. This limits their numbers to a certain extent.

In addition, the Sentinels’ status as automaton constructs allows them to completely ignore the laws and constraints of the Karmic System. Where the undead could be completely destroyed by a single powerful holy spell in a process called ‘Turning Undead’ and a nature spirit could be decimated by a powerful unholy spell, no Sentinel would ever be affected nor inflicted by either holy or unholy spells. This is another reason why the Church intensely dislikes them. Although this also means that the Sentinels cannot make use of Divine magic in any capacity.

Humanoid yet usually towering far over a regular human, the Sentinels as a people, if they can be referred to as such, are highly intelligent and inquisitive. They value knowledge, and show great interest in the current technological progression of every civilization in Elatreus and often take steps to ensure that Temple Nimbus stays ahead of them, often by reverse-engineering, documenting, stealing and then improving upon another civilization’s technologies and magical progress.

Sentinel society and way-of-life is considered strange, even compared to that of hobgoblins and orcs. For one, they actively reject the worship of the Paragon, the Allfather and the Sky-Mother. Instead, they worship their sole surviving creator, the Deathless Witch, as goddess and creator (this causes her no small amount of stress) and regard Temple Nimbus as their holy lands. The way they choose to worship vary between squadrons, if not individuals. Some inlay oaths and prayers upon their armor, others burn incense and place offerings. Others still regard anything their Creator touches as holy, and remark that to simply be in her presence is a reward that cannot be put into words.

Sentinels are also known to be eccentric, collecting mundane things such as trinkets and totems for apparently no good reason. Some are even seen creating their own trinkets by carving wood or engraving metal. Many speculate that this behavior is their attempt to emulate the Church of the Paragon’s practice in carrying the necklace bearing the symbol of the Holy Blade. Others claim that this is merely a glitch that had appeared after they had developed their sapience, causing the Sentinels to emulate religion in order to worship the only being they can call ‘goddess’.

This act of worship they attributed to the Deathless Witch’s final action before she entered stasis in the wake of the destruction of Notarikon. Even though she had absolutely no reason to do so, she chose to save the Sentinels by recalling them to Temple Nimbus, saving their very existence while at the same time giving them a home. The Sentinels claim that this act of kindness on her part was not something that they can ever repay, yet they chose to do so by emulating the religion practiced by the people of Elatreus to worship their gods and thank them for giving them life.

Their leadership is centered on the War Council of the Sentinel Lords, and the Council only takes orders from the Deathless Witch herself. However, it is notable that the Deathless Witch had never once assumed direct command of her Sentinels in a combat situation, preferring to function as a figurehead rather than a Supreme Commander, leaving such matters to the War Council and the Lord Commander. Instead, any plans and ideas made between the Creator and the Lords are discussed within the War Council’s meeting sessions long before any action is taken.

The Sentinels make use and continually invent devices that are a strange hybrid of magic and technology, continuing the legacy of the Sorcerer City of Notarikon, and blatantly ignoring the Edict of Paragonia. The term ‘Magitek’ would best describe their technology, for the Sentinels specializes in controlling or improving existing technology with magic. In these circumstances their machines would work without the magic, but magic improves it. Examples of their technology are forges and crucibles powered by fire spirits, fire-pikes powered by spells bound within scrolls, irrigation systems inhabited by water entities and runic weapons with interchangeable runes along with many other examples of these exotic and unknown devices.

As far as personalities go, Sentinels can be as wide and as varied as Humans are. Although expressionless, making the assumption that the Sentinels cannot feel emotion is a grave mistake, for these automatons are not simply sentient, they are also sapient and are capable of logic, reason, and emotion. This is, however, a rarely known fact; one that many Sentinels take advantage of by feigning ignorance before taking action.

In combat, a Sentinel is a terrifying force to be reckoned with. As automatons, they are immune to fatigue. Furthermore, their strength is such that a single well-placed punch can kill an adult ogre, break full plate armor and shields or rip the head and limbs of an armored soldier right out of his torso. That is, if their weapons do not kill them first. They are also the only civilization in Elatreus who are entirely capable of outfitting nearly every single one of their numbers with Runic Weapons. It is even said that a Sentinel-wrought runic weapon is amongst the highest-quality weapons found in Elatreus, and is perhaps the best type of weapons a human can obtain, rivalled only by Elven Quicksteel weapons.

A Sentinel’s signature weapon, the Notarikon Rhombir, is also an archetypal example of a Runic Weapon. This particular Rhombir’s runes are made directly in the tang of the blade.

This incredible advantage is further bolstered by their armored shells, which are far heavier and tougher than the average knight’s armor, nearly rivaling the strength of magically enhanced armor. However, they are truly fearsome because of their ability to adapt to nearly any combat situation imaginable, functioning and coordinating with one another like a well-oiled machine systematically dismantling any opposition and signs of resistance until none are left but broken bodies lying upon the ground like squished bugs.

Before 1029 IA, conflict between Sentinels and the people of Elatreus are rare, if not unheard of. The Sentinels themselves take steps to avoid violent confrontations, and their combat behavior and performance were only documented in the rare instance when a Sentinel is forced to fight, mostly against orcs, hobgoblins and human bandits.

Types of Sentinels:

After decades of analysis carried out by Aleutian strategists and tacticians, several Sentinel sub-types have been identified. It is notable that the Sentinels do not have a cavalry-equivalent-unit of their own. This is because the Sentinels are universally heavy (the lightest Sentinel weighs around two-to-three times the weight of a fully armored knight), and no horse nor griffon nor any other tamed mount can hope to carry them across a battlefield and participate in combat with anything resembling effectiveness.

  • Sentinel Troopers: They are the basic rank-and-file Sentinel troops most often seen by the other civilizations of Elatreus and were once the only type of Sentinel ever built; any other Sentinel were only built or modified after the destruction of Notarikon, and Sentinel Archers were simply equipped with ranged weapons rather than melee. Armed with the signature curved blade of the Notarikon Rhombir or the newer Sentinel Warglaive, Troopers take to the field in squadrons of 10-30 but with combat efficiency that Imperial troops can only ever dream of. Each Warrior superficially resembles a heavily-armored knight, yet standing a full head taller and are stronger and faster beyond any mortal man.
  • Sentinel Archers/Gunners: Like the archers of other nations, the Sentinels make use of long range weaponry within their ranks. Unlike the other nations, the Sentinels’ archers are just as capable in close combat as their rank-and-file troopers (equivalent to heavy infantry) and make use weapons all but unknown to the other races such as automatic crossbows and ballistae, steam or gas powered rifles, and, if the rumors are true, exotic weapons powered by electricity.
  • Sentinel Keepers: Keepers are only ever seen in Temple Nimbus. Their imposing figure bar entry to areas deemed off-limits to regular Sentinels, and stand guard over the many prisoners and vaults kept within the walls of Temple Nimbus. Even a member of the Sable Order may not pass a Keeper without special permission from the Sentinel Lords or the Deathless Witch herself. They are often armed with a runic sword-and-great shield combo or a runic great-axe and pneumatic hand-cannons capable of ripping apart even armored knights. Beneath the robes they wear their armor are inscribed with esoteric sigils, catechisms, and vows made to their sole-surviving creator.
  • Sentinel Heavy Assault Trooper/Immortals: the Immortals, often referred to as Heavy Assault Troopers by the Aleutian Empire, serves as Temple Nimbus’ heavy infantry asset. Larger, heavier and far more intimidating than a normal Sentinel, each Immortal is a walking tank; an unstoppable behemoth capable of single-handedly destroying entire infantry formations. Larger and far more imposing than their brethren, the bleak spectacle of the Immortals wading through storms of fire and magic, stoically smashing apart any obstacle before them with their runic hammers and shields or their massive war-glaives became synonymous with the Deathless Witch’s wrath unleashed.

    A Sentinel Immortal wades through the battlefield during the War of the Half-Demon Prince, notably the only conflict where Aleutian Legionnaires and Sentinels fought side-by-side.
  • Sentinel Technomancers: the technologists, scientists, and magic casters of the Sentinels, Technomancers are relatively rare, but are often seen interacting with the people of Elatreus, especially with weapon-smiths, scholars, and magic casters. Inquisitive to the extreme, no magical spell, rite, or ritual is considered forbidden practice amongst their ranks, save for the ones that can potentially endanger Temple Nimbus and their creator. A Technomancer’s powers mirror that of the magic casters found amongst the other intelligent species of Elatreus, but specialize exclusively in arcane magic, unable to make use of divine magic in any capacity. Their very existence is considered a paradox amongst magic casters, for it was commonly held belief that only beings that possess (or formerly possess) a soul have the potential to use magic. This leads some to believe that the Sentinels are no longer soulless beings.
  • Sentinel Artificer: Artificers work hand-in-hand with the Technomancers to improve Temple Nimbus’ ability to wage war and their technological progression and comprehension. But while the Technomancers comb the world for knowledge, Artificers wrought them to existence. As the Sentinels’ forge masters and engineers, they are in charge of the Hanging Forges, and forge the weapons and tools of the Sentinels. For this reason, Artificers are never seen in the battlefield, and perhaps never even leaves Temple Nimbus unless a pressing reason reveals itself.
  • Sentinel Sky-Hunters: Sky-hunters are specialized sentinel units originally created to defend Temple Nimbus’ airspace, though recent developments have made them more useful in a much wider variety of battlefield roles such as scouting or surgical strikes. They are equipped with back-mounted wings and anti-gravitational devices that enables them to fly at great speeds and intercept anything that breaches Temple Nimbus’ airspace. Sky-hunters are not always humanoid, some resemble a cross between demonic gargoyles and mechanical dragons, but are categorized as Sky-Hunters due to their combat role. For combat, sky-hunters are equipped with melee weapons powerful enough to kill a griffon, though later variants are instead equipped with ranged weapons to effectively destroy ground troops from above or dogfight flying opponents from a more comfortable distance. After the Silent Alliance raid, Sky-hunters are upgraded and reconfigured to more effectively combat threats such as wyverns, drakes, and even Celestial Dragons.
  • Sable Order: The Sable Order serves as the honor guard to the Deathless Witch herself and the Sentinel Lords. They are charged with maintaining the vigil over Temple Nimbus’ upper levels, the War Council chambers, command centers, and the home of the Deathless Witch at all times and a portion of their numbers are privileged to always be in her physical presence. The Sable Order are the most skilled fighters among a force of warriors whose martial skills are already beyond the limits of mortal bodies. They are also Kira’s personal confidants and aides; they have never left her side save in the most dire of circumstances. The Sable Order is not a unique designation for a Sentinel’s configuration; they are instead a company of the most experienced and elite Sentinels from every type of Sentinels in existence and all of them are programmed with the ability to equip the weapons of every other Sentinel. As such, many of the Sable Order carry the same armaments of a regular Sentinel Trooper and Immortal, or even the arcane weapons of the Technomancers in certain occasion. However, a member of the Sable Order armed with even the most basic of weapons is a force to be reckoned with; capable of taking on entire squadrons of men or Lhasian adepts with contemptuous ease.
  • Sentinel Lords: the highest ranking Sentinels after the Lord Commander himself. They are a senior cadre of the most elite sentinels that forms Temple Nimbus’s War Council and High Command. Little is known about them, as they are rarely seen in the battlefield and if they are, witnesses hardly ever survive the event. One thing is for sure, they are the field commanders of the Sentinel Army, and are undoubtedly powerful.

The Sentinel Lords

There are no solid intelligence regarding the exact numbers of Sentinel Lords that make up the command structure of Temple Nimbus. However, the Aleutian Empire has successfully identified several such individuals after multiple sightings all across Elatreus.

Here is what is known of the Sentinel Lords as gathered by the Aleutian Empire, arranged in order of their apparent importance in Temple Nimbus’ chain of command.

Champion Gunther, Lord Guardian of the Creator.

Gunther stands apart from the other Sentinel Lords; he enjoys special independence from Temple Nimbus’ chain of command and acts as their Creator’s personal guard and champion, as per his title. He is also one of the most ancient Sentinels still in service; surviving records from the Imperial Mage Capital of Notarikon claim that he was one of the first generation of Sentinels ever produced; putting his age at well over 1500 years old.

He is also aesthetically different from the other Sentinels in Temple Nimbus. He is the only Sentinel who has a face; a death mask of an unknown man, perhaps one of the founding fathers of the Sorcerer City.  His high-collared, dark grey armor was similarly embellished with many beautiful, hand-carved engravings and runes which would not be out of place in a King’s royal armor, alongside the visage of countless other historical figures of the Sorcerer City and of historical events that transpire within its borders.

Gunther’s only weapon is his halberd; a weapon, it is said, to be constructed by the Deathless Witch’s own hands for her favored Champion. It was built to be indestructible, which symbolizes that Gunther’s service, devotion and duty is eternal. This halberd he wields with preternatural skill that could awe even a Master Adept of Lhasa. His immunity to fatigue is used to its most extreme; Gunther can chain near-infinite attack combinations between his halberd, punches, body checks, and kicks leaving no room for counter attack. This, combined with his halberd’s ability to part armor like water and destroy ethereal beings makes Gunther a legendary combatant and duelist. In a fight, Gunther’s most distinctive characteristic is his ability to dominate the immediate area around him. He has a vast repertoire of wide attacks and backward counter moves, and can also close the distance to an opponent in an instant.

To accentuate his skill in melee combat, the Deathless Witch personally inlaid anti-magic runes upon Gunther’s armor; rendering him completely immune to magical/ethereal attacks and even reducing the damage of Over-Tier spells by a significant margin. In addition, he is also equipped with a personal teleporter with an ‘entanglement link’ to the Deathless Witch’s personal armor, enabling him to instantaneously teleport to her side along with his own retinue of Sentinels without fear of magical interference.

In the field of battle, the Deathless Witch and her Champion proves to be a near-unstoppable combination. Kira seldom lowers herself to engage in personal combat; she prefers to stay behind the front lines where her incredible magical powers are brought to bear, sending legions of foes to their doom without ever reaching or even seeing her. This is made all but certain by Gunther, who fights in the front line wielding his halberd with a precision to be expected of a warrior who counts his campaigns by the thousands. Yet no matter how distant he is, Gunther always keeps close watch on Kira — his responsibilities as a bodyguard outweigh any other considerations. Should she be threatened, Gunther always returns to his master and creator’s side.


‘Beasthunter’ Dramiel, Lord Hunter of the Skies.

Perhaps the most terrifying Sentinel Lord ever seen by the Aleutian Empire. Dramiel was first seen in combat during the war of the Half-Demon Prince; scattering Nachrael’s squadrons of wyvern and dragon riders before rending them apart using its own brute strength and coordinating attacks on the Demon Prince’s siege engines alongside large squadrons of Sentinel Sky-hunters.

Scholarly tomes recall that Dramiel’s terrifying visage resembles a cross between a mechanical dragon and a demonic gargoyle with a head the shape of the blade of a glaive, bat-like wings that spread wider than that of a dragon’s wingspan and bladed limbs that cut through magically immune dragon-scale with contemptuous ease. He stood over 7 meters tall without his tail and moved fast, faster than anything of his size ever should, and no magical counter-attacks made by Nachrael’s sorcerers even so much as damaged him as it drew his attention and wrath.

Aleutian scientists and Archmages from the Imperial Mage Capital of Notarikon speculate that Dramiel was constructed using a salvaged and upgraded Heavy Assault Trooper chassis shortly after the destruction of the Sorcerer City of Notarikon. How the Witch managed to render the Assault Trooper chassis airborne is a question that only the gods could answer. They also speculate that Dramiel is the lowest ranked of the Lords, and is not given command over any Sentinel forces other than in certain occasions. They speculate that his purpose as a Lord is either for the defense of Temple Nimbus or as some sort of super-weapon, only let out and used sparingly in rare cases where his raw strength and unmatched brutality is needed.

As befits his namesake, Dramiel is at home hunting down the greatest beasts and monsters of Elatreus. His very design is based on this purpose, and took the shape most effective to do so. In fact, Aleutian strategists are not even sure if a Great Wyrm such as Qaynyr the Red or Starfeather the Great Eagle of the Elven Kingdoms could emerge victorious in a one-on-one battle against Beasthunter Dramiel.

As of 1020 IA, Beasthunter Dramiel is only rarely seen. There has only been 3 confirmed sightings of him after the War of the Half-Demon Prince, leading many to believe that their early speculations were true.

Enkhiridion, Lord of the Thousand Gates

Unlike all the other Sentinel Lords, the entity known as Enkhiridion has only been seen once by the Aleutian Empire, accompanying the Deathless Witch herself alongside Lord Gunther as she was invited by Emperor Thibaud the Pale to talk of her return for the first and only time.

Enkhiridion immediately caused panic amongst the Archmages who guard the Imperial Palace; for it was once believed that no man-made machine could ever wield magic, yet Enkhiridion’s magical aura eclipses that of their own greatest mages. And the Archmages present in the Imperial Palace are all practitioners of Over-Tier magic, further adding to their fears.

A new threat, it seemed, had presented itself; if the Deathless Witch could construct Sentinel Archmages, what could possibly stop her from destroying the Empire? As such, Enkhiridion is now regarded as the single most dangerous Sentinel Lord that had ever existed.

The truth, however, is more mundane. Enkhiridion was built alongside Temple Nimbus by the hands of the Deathless Witch herself as a specialized construct acting as one of the flying fortress’ many defensive measures. A one-machine defense line, his purpose is to divide and conquer. Any army that attempts to board and invade Temple Nimbus will eventually become lost and separated by the Sentinels’ defenses. Yet often times, as in many sieges, even units that are separated could often maintain discipline and cohesion among their divided brethren. Especially if the armies are trained well.

Enkhiridion’s purpose is to prevent that from ever happening. His magic controls thousands upon thousands of area teleportation runes spread across the width and berth of Temple Nimbus. Any unfortunate enemy soldier who tread upon these runes will find themselves scattered and sent into Temple Nimbus’ deadliest traps and well-orchestrated kill-zones. Even the most well-trained army will struggle to keep discipline and cohesion in face of such esoteric tactics.

That is merely one aspect of his power. Another one is to prevent communication among different elements of an army. All magical communication mirrors and telepathic messages will often find their messages scrambled and garbled, if not outright misleading; further adding to the chaos. Banners and light-based messages burn and break, preventing even mundane methods other than shouting loudly and brass horns from working properly.

As such, his role is vital in Temple Nimbus’ defense, and Enkhiridion is kept safe within the deepest bowels of the flying fortress, near the heart of the great factories that churn out new Sentinels and all their equipment.

And yet, as with all other Sentinels, Enkhiridion gained his sentience sometime during the thousand-year tenure between the Cataclysmic Wars and the present day. Among the lords, he is an aloof figure of few words, distancing himself from the politics of the other lords and answering only to the Lord Commander and the Deathless Witch for good reason; no other Sentinel Lords were built by their master’s own hand, and he knows all too well of their jealousy. The other lords also kept their distance from him, knowing full well that any mistake made in his presence will be reported to their masters.

To this, Enkhiridion laughs with a mechanical voice, as he also has many servants within Temple Nimbus and beyond, having established an intelligence network that rivals the Empire’s own over the course of centuries in order to identify potential threats to Temple Nimbus’ and the Sentinels’ existence. No mistake will escape him. No conspiracy beyond his reach. All this for the sake of his master, the same woman he could call mother.

The Snowbird Sisters

The Snowbird Sisters are perhaps the only Sentinel Lords (ladies) that are completely unknown to the Aleutian Empire — only their names are known thanks to Imperial spies working in Escia. But even they failed to uncover exactly what the Snowbirds are or what they look like.

The Snowbirds were born a decade ago when Enkhiridion proposed a plan in order to update the Sentinel drop-ship design. Back then, a single Sentinel drop-ship was more than enough to deploy a two-hundred strong Sentinel war-host almost instantly into any warzone, but as time progressed one issue suddenly surfaced — Temple Nimbus had terrible power projection.

While multiple drop-ships could technically deploy several hundred Sentinels at a time, even a hundreds-strong army of Sentinels would only be useful in very few situations; either to spearhead Temple Nimbus’ assault by skirmishing or to aid an allied army. Even the mighty Sentinels can be brought down by sheer force of numbers. The second problem was Sentinel mobility. There are no mounts in Elatreus capable of carrying Sentinels from one battlefield to the next and participate in combat effectively, meaning that cavalries and the like do not exist in the Sentinel Army. This means that unless Temple Nimbus allied itself with another nation, it cannot fight multiple battles at once nor can it defend nor support a wide area front-line assault.

The Snowbirds were the solution. While they did not replace the drop-ships outright, the Snowbirds could equip and deploy an entire army of Sentinels and fight battles where Temple Nimbus is otherwise occupied. They are also designed to be capable of supporting the armies they deploy and wage war wherever and whenever they were needed. They are graceful constructs, much unlike the brutal mass of armor and weapons that is Temple Nimbus, but resembled great wings that spread nearly half a mile from one wing-tip to the other. Constructed using the arcane technology that constitutes much of Temple Nimbus’ own, the Snowbirds are designed to rule the skies forever.

Soon after the blueprints were proposed, Lord Commander Malzel formulated additional upgrades to the original design. He reasoned that while the Snowbirds were incredibly powerful means of force-projection, they can also turn that power inwards in order to protect Temple Nimbus. Additional upgrades were proposed to allow the Snowbirds to both deploy a Sentinel army by using drop-pods, and deploy the deadly Anti-Air Sentinel Sky-Hunters for their own and Temple Nimbus’ protection. He christened them ‘Orbit Weapons’.

In order to construct the Snowbirds, Temple Nimbus bought a huge plot of land in the deserts of Escia. The Bare Wastes were considered worthless because there are no oasis nor water for hundreds of mile around. In other words — completely devoid of life and extremely hostile environment for anything except Sentinels and Undead. Perfect environment for special projects and secret factories.

That land became the birthplace of the Snowbirds. By 1029 IA, three Snowbirds were built. Two have been undergoing intense stress-testing alongside the Escian Navy while the third is experiencing technical issues and under repair. All three are named after Parthanian and Cagbician gods who have already died. From the eldest to the youngest, their names are Stravara, Siluria, and Simphion.

Malzel, Lord Commander of the Sentinel Army

As well as Imperial scholars, tacticians, and archivists could determine, the being known as Malzel is responsible for all Sentinel operations within Elatreus and beyond. Those who witnessed him in person recall an enormous suit of black armor, with a strange, bladed helm for a head and glowing red light emanating from the eye-slits of said helmet. Black smoke bellows from the gaps in his armor, accentuating his unnatural appearance and abilities. His silhouette somewhat resembles classical depictions of the first Deathknight, Shazn’Oegtol, Slayer of Kings, from a distance or at first glance though their differences become apparent as one approaches. Their armaments and fighting styles are also as different as day and night.

Malzel is most often witnessed carrying a greataxe longer than a man is tall in one hand and a massive, ribbed greatshield in another, and he wields them as though they weigh no more than twigs, horizontally bisecting entire formations of armored men with a single swing or sending them flying with a casual shield-bash. Said greataxe is entropic, meaning that his attacks could easily crumble even the best magic shields and armor that could withstand his blows. On the other hand, his shield can reflect magical attacks of nearly any kind, especially projectile based attacks and even absorb said spell until the moment he chooses to launch it against his enemies, acting like a magical sponge in simpler terms.

Like all Sentinels, Malzel’s strength in combat lies in his ability to ignore fatigue. As such, his attacks are relentless and unstoppable to all but the strongest of heroes and defenses. Another one of his abilities is the fact that he can somehow assume direct control of Sentinels in the field; said Sentinel will lose their weapons and assume his form and appearance, carrying his weapons as well. In the event that one of his ‘proxies’ are destroyed, it will burn out and be reduced to dust while leaving Malzel completely unharmed and capable of assuming control over another Sentinel after some time.  However, it is his skill as a commander that is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of Malzel’s variable repertoire of abilities.

He is capable of fully utilizing the strengths of the Sentinels under his command and ruthlessly exploiting the weaknesses of his enemies, no matter how much the odds are against him. Under his gaze, the Sentinel armies of Temple Nimbus react almost instantaneously to counter enemy strategies, shifting between aggressive and defensive postures at a moment’s notice. With a few carefully chosen words of command, outflanking foes are isolated and crushed, enemy assault waves dispersed, and ranged support positions obliterated. This is most apparent during the War of the Half-Demon Prince, where Temple Nimbus saved the Aleutian Empire and the Suzerain State of Pomedica from annihilation at the hands of Nachrael, firstborn son of the Slayer of Kings.

As of recent years, Malzel’s main job had been to constantly safeguard Temple Nimbus’ interests and improve its defenses. While this is a job he takes very seriously, deep down the Lord Commander wishes he can take on more meaningful tasks…

Such as engineering the destruction of the Empire he considered to have betrayed his master and creator.



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