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The Tainted

The Tainted, otherwise known as tainted ones, are the bastard children of the union of one of the Fallen and a human that occurred during the War in Heaven. While most were killed, and their numbers unable to be replenished, they are still found from time to time in dark and secret places, and are cunning, manipulative and while they have a human aspect, are essentially creatures of pure evil and malevolence.

Their form varies, and is essentially a mix of human and fallen characteristics – some have huge bat like wings, the body of a snake, horns, barbed tails or any mishmash of human and fallen physical features.

All of the Tainted have psionic abilities, and often control a force of mind-washed slaves who cater to their every whim, and just their gaze alone is enough to cause crippling waves of nausea and pain to anyone who dares meet their inhuman eyes.

The most famous of all the Tainted is the son of the first DeathKnight, who went on to become the second DeathKnight in his own right, Nachrael, the Desecrator. This led scholars to conclude that the first DeathKnight, by virtue of the powers of the Brand of the Fallen, had effectively become a new type of the Fallen himself.

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