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Thorkanians are closely related to Orcs, and are endemic to the Broken Kingdom of Thane. Believed to have been created by the magic of the first DeathKnight and his undead queen, most scholars are of the opinion that they are a mix of Orcish and human blood with a ‘dash’ of some unknown third humanoid species.

As quite dramatic variation is not uncommon in Orcs, some scholars argue that they are just another sub-class of Orc only one with a purely matriarchal society – however for those who have encountered them in all their fury, there is no room for debate – these are no common Orc variant.. Additionally, the sub races of Orcs typically will co-exist within their own hierarchy in a given war-band, but since the fall of the Kingdom of Thane, the remaining Thorkanians have a deep animosity to Orcs, and conflicts between the two races have been ongoing now for 1000 years.

Slightly taller, but less muscular than a common Orc, Thorkanians are considerably more intelligent and cunning, though the males of the species are of human size and little value is placed on them in their hierarchy, given secondary roles as breeders, cooks and carers for the young, while females hold all positions of power within a given warband.

Thorkanians are also highly proficient in a range of weapons, spending many hours each day drilling and training for war, and are fearless on the battlefield – their shrill and terrifying war cries piercing the air. To be captured alive by Thorkanians is said to be a fate worse than death, as these cannibals delight in slow torture of their captives and do not keep slaves for any other purpose than short term entertainment or as a walking food store (males of the species are regarded as personal property of a given Thorkanians, with powerful members of a warband distinguished by the number and quality of her ‘grooms’).

The only weakness of an Thorkanian is that they are easily distracted by their own reflections and, unless in the heat of battle, will take time to examine and appreciate their form as they consider themselves to be the pinnacle of beauty and femininity and are sexually insatiable in their appetites. Love and marriage is reserved for and between female Thorkanians only, often pooling their male resources and further strengthening their position within the matriarchy, which has a strict pecking order that is rarely openly challenged.

Unlike common Orcs, Thorkanians generally have much lighter, greener skin with long, jet black hair (white as they age). Many also have a smattering of magical talent, and have a strange and special affinity with crows, some of which are said to serve them as spies and lookouts.


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