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Tuath De

An ancient land with a profound connection to nature, Tuath De exists as an allied city state to the Aeultian Empire and was its earliest Suzerain state.

In all of Elatreus, the people of Tuath De (known simply as the Tuath) are truly some of the most unique. Originally a land sacred to the Fay, the first men who ventured here thousands of years ago were welcomed, and intermarried freely with elves, nymphs, satyrs, nixies and other faerie folk.

Over generations, all this interbreeding with the Fay has essentially resulted in a nation entirely populated by, what the rest of Eletreus think of as “half elves”, but the Tuath are unlike any other half elves anywhere else in Elatreus..

Guided by the timeless spirit of the Sacred Grove, the Faerie Queen, the Tuath are Druidic worshipers of the moon goddess Danu. Due to their slow rate of reproduction and long lifespans (even the most ‘human’ citizens of Tuath De tends to live to over 120 years, and rarely shows their age until right towards the end of their lives) they are rarely able assist the Aelutian Empire in times of war directly with soldiers of their own (though they are quite capable fighters, and are skilled with bow, shortsword and an oversized shield). But that said, instead of soldiers they send their most famous asset – who while still hailing from and loyal to Tuath De are the official shock troop core of the Imperial army since its inception – the Centaur Cavalry.

Proud members of the Aelutian Imperial Army, the ultimate loyalty of the Centaur Cavalry Brigade is to their homeland


Population: Approx 1 million Tuath half elves, 50,000 other assorted Fay (Pixies, Nymphs, Faeries, Satyrs, Centaurs, etc).

Military: Standing militia of 10,000 semi to highly trained archers, skirmishers and foot-soldiers. 300 members of the elite and distinguished 8th Cavalry Centaur Brigade with a reservist force in their ancestral lands of another 500 Centaur warriors.

Racial Characteristics: Due to over 5000 years of interbreeding with the Faerie folk and elves, the people of Tuath De are effectively half elven, with long lifespans from 120-250 years, slender build, exceptional eyesight and hand-eye coordination, making them excellent archers. Their hair tends to be silver or white in color, their eyes green or piercing blue. Despite rarely exceeding 5′ in height, their fragile looking build can be deceptive, and they will fight fiercely if hard pressed.

Language: Tuath-Aelutian (Aelutian Dialect).

Being allied first with the Kingdom of Aelutia and later the Aelutian Empire, their close ties have resulted in the original language being largely replaced by Aelutian, though Elven is widely spoken and understood, and there are enough unique words in their vocabulary incomprehensible to the average speaker of Central Aelutian for it to qualify as a dialect in its own right.


THE SACRED GROVE: A magical, elfin grove that is home to the ancient (nearly 8000 year old) Faerie Queen and her consorts. The Faerie queen allows the High King to handle day to day ruling of the Kingdom, but she is ultimately the power behind not only the throne, but the lands and the Kingdom all.

WHISPERING WOODS: A sprawling and highly magical forest sacred to the Druids, all of which incidentally, are of pure human blood.

BLACKBERRY WOODS: Despite its innocuous name, Blackberry Woods is a no go zone for anyone but goblins and is haunted by the twisted spirit of the Faerie Queens Banshee half sister.

GALBURY CASTLE: Created as a home for the first settlers by the magic of the Faerie Queen herself, Galbury castle is the nominal capital of Tuath De and throne to the High King. Two things make it unlike any other castle in Eletreus. The first is that, impossible while it might be, it is much (close to 1,000 times) bigger on the inside than the outside.. And the second aspect is that, if threatened, once the outer doors are closed the entire castle can shift to a different dimension and is essentially unassailable. Unfortunately, this peaceful land has had to resort to this escape several times in their long history.

Galbury Castle

SALTWOOD: The only surviving coastal town, it is defended from the Northmen by the Imperial Navy and is a major export center of salt. Due to its heavy trade ties with the outside world, and the Aelutian Empire in particular, Saltwood is the most cosmopolitan of Tuath De’s major settlements.

WOOD ELVES: An autonomous region entirely inhabited by various wild Wood elf tribes. Relations with the Kingdom are excellent, but they are essentially autonomous and while they deeply respect the Faerie Queen, they do not consider themselves to be her subjects.

DARTHILL KEEP: A joint project between the Tuath and the Aelutian Empire, Darthill keep is a series of coastal fortifications and a large naval base for Imperial ships defending against Northmen raiding parties and the occasional pirate ship.

One of several watch towers dotting the coast near Darthill Keep

ASHEN COVE: Was the location of the second largest city in Tuath De but was destroyed by Northmen raiders over 1000 years ago during the Cataclysmic Wars.. Here, in the ruins, is also one of the last known Swords of Danu which was stuck deep into the stony volcanic shores by a dying Tuath Prince, and which – despite many attempts over the years – no man or woman has been able to pull it out.

Ashen Cove

SHAMBLE ISLAND: Was once a small island Kingdom in its own right that owed its allegiance to the High King, but was completely destroyed by the Northmen in the Catalysmic wars and in recent years has been overrun with goblins, and declared as a ‘goblin homeland’ by the so called Goblin King..

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