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Vampires are a powerful form of undead whose origins can be traced back to rituals performed by the mysterious Qahoori Nomads and who appeared many times in the tales and culture of ancient Greater Khartoum, but have since spread out and now can be found anywhere within Eletreus.

Immortal and fixed at the age they were when they received the gift as it is called, Vampires blend in to and live among their prey, and appear as they did when they were alive, but with paler skin and more intense eyes. However, when angered or when in combat, they transform into a more inhuman form, with grey, bumpy skin, pointed and elongated ears and two sharp canine teeth that they use to extract the blood from their victims.

Vampires are naturally psionic, and many are also magicians or adepts, and can accumulate incredible wealth and power over the centuries. They are also preternaturally fast and up to three times as strong as they were in life, able to leap several times their height in a single bound. Furthermore, any wounds inflicted upon them except for burns or decapitation, continually regenerate within a few seconds, and while they feel pain, they can dull their senses if injured and show little reaction to wounds that would cause the average person to go into deep shock.

Finally, anyone that looks into their eyes may become transfixed, and will passively allow them to drain their blood, which creates an empathetic link between predator and prey and, so they say, is an pleasurable and slightly ecstatic feeling..

Victims of a vampire may either be partially or completely drained of blood. Those that are partially drained will seek out the vampire again and allow it to feed from them freely, often becoming servants. Those that are completely drained of blood will rise as a fledgling vampire if the vampires blood is dripped on their mouth or the vampires wrist placed near the corpses mouth, creating an involuntary feeding reaction. Fledging vampires are often conflicted about their new nature, until their first feeding, at which any pretense of humanity tends to fade away.

For all their strengths and powers, Vampires do have some well known weaknesses. The first is a hatred of and extreme reaction to sunlight – the All Father seemingly hates these creatures, and if the suns rays touch its skin directly, they will spontaneously combust, so even on overcast days, they rarely venture outside if there is any chance that the sun will reach them. This fear and hatred of the sun god also extends to his symbols, for presenting a symbol of the All Father to a Vampire with faith and confidence will cause it to flinch backwards, hissing and reverting to its primal state.

Other weaknesses and limitations is that they cannot enter an occupied dwelling unless invited (this does not apply to public places, where an open invitation is in effect), cannot bring themselves to cross a flowing body of water (though they can be transported across by others), will become violently ill within an hour of eating or drinking anything other than blood, and cast no reflection.

One final and rather strange Vampiric characteristic is all are afflicted by chronic Arithmomania, and they will count every step they take, the number of people or objects in a room or even count grains in a jar, though this effect is negated if they are attacked or are focused on a particular goal or outcome, however they will be compelled to return to count any items they glossed over and are unable to feel at ease until this has been done.

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