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Wood Elf

Unlike their cousins, the high elves, wood elves can be found all throughout any heavily forested area of Eletreus and have many different regional variations in culture, attitude and appearance. They live in an essentially tribal manner, though have no single chief but rather a council of elders, and are egalitarian in nature, abhorring authority and disliking being told what to do.

While outward appearance and clothing varies from region to region, from forest green cloaks in most of the Aelutian Empire, to fanciful outfits fashioned from leaves in Tuath De, they are otherwise very similar to their cousins in appearance, with the same pointed ears and almond shaped eyes, though their skin tends to be darker, usually somewhat ruddy or tanned in color, and their hair is more often than not brown or red, though almost any other color can and does occur.

Living much shorter lifespans, only around 200-250 years or so, they are much more akin to humans in their outlook on life and tend to be extremely protective and territorial, defending their tribe from perceived threats with a vigor and wild ferocity lacking in their more refined brethren, and are exceptionally talented with the bow, which they use for both hunting and defense and are able to shoot with astonishing speed and accuracy that borders on the preternatural.

Since the vast majority of wood elves live in relatively close proximity to human settlements, they maintain an uneasy truce with them for the most part, but are extremely distrustful of humans in general and will typically greet any would be interlopers into their territory with a well placed warning shot or two before angrily confronting them. Even though they appear frail and small, they are for the most part actually stronger than a human, can run considerably faster, and are masters of stealth in their forest environments and should never be underestimated or trifled with.

Wood elves are all devotees of the moon goddess Danu, and drop their aggressive demeanor if they encounter Druids or Rangers, who they will welcome to their camp, and reveal their true, much more playful nature. They enjoy nothing more than their fermented berry wines, singing, dancing and music of all forms and are highly erotic, breeding much faster than high elves, though this is in part due to necessity as while they have powerful magics of their own, their magic is more akin to that of humans, and they often live in much more dangerous areas.

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